Top 10 pixel games for iOS and Android: Soul Knight, Stardew Valley and others

0909202120025680 Top 10 pixel games for iOS and Android: Soul Knight, Stardew Valley and others

Hello channel viewers AppTime Media! Admit it, have you checked out our top 10 Diablo-style slashers? Come on, don’t deny it. Now I will tell you about the coolest pixel games on mobile phones. From some you will laugh, and from others you will burn. So put a fire extinguisher next to it, like the video and let’s go!

Video version

Soul knight

Instead of “Isaac” on smartphones, you can play the F2P game Soul Knight. It is made by the Chinese, but they know a lot about it. That is, we clear the dungeons, get random weapons and try to survive. If you want to use a firearm, then you need to monitor the energy that replaces the bullets. In general, the level of difficulty depends on what kind of things you come across. For example, I got a real Death Note, with which I “one-shot” everyone except the bosses. Then, for a mass showdown, a “40-meter sword” fell to me, which beat around me and reached all the enemies, even through cover. And then I decided to reforge it and a katana fell out to me, which is why I died.

Yes, in Soul Knight you will constantly die. If you want one more life or get resources for a race, you need to watch ads. With it, you can also get gems, for which we pump the hero, knock out blueprints, get a gachapon with a random reward, and so on. All this is done in a separate hub, from the scope of which the eyes run up. Of course, a lot of things are “closed” and resources are required to build, nevertheless, after a couple of races, you start to figure it out. There is a donation, a set for beginners will cost 99 rubles, plus the game does not shove limited offers in the face, even in the form of flickering icons. Other players point to cross-platform multiplayer, but it’s closed at launch. Generally recommend for killing time.


Terraria is considered an alternative to Minecraft, in fact, it is much better. Look, in addition to construction and crafting, you are given a huge world with biomes on the ground, under it and even in the sky. They are inhabited by monsters of varying complexity, which at first must be dealt with with a sword or bow, and later with laser blasters and fiery blades. In addition to ordinary mobs, there are bosses, each with its own mechanics. You can deal with them alone, but it’s more fun with friends. Imagine: you have built aamok, only for the random to fly in and destroy everything with explosives.

The rest of the scheme is simple: gradually we craft more powerful tools, sinking deeper and deeper into the ground and stumbling upon rare resources. At some point, you will have to build a railway and place torches or go fishing. One way or another, all this will result in the fact that you, together with your friends, will defend the house from monsters during the Blood Moon. All in all, this is a great replacement for Minecraft, only without creeps, with varying difficulty levels, a ton of content, and support for the Steam Workshop. All this will give hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Stardew valley

Now let’s talk about the alternative to Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, that is, about Stardew (Stardew) Valley. This game was made by one person in four years and made a splash in the industry. You can do a lot in it: create a farm, give gifts, fish, fight monsters, and also have a family and children. But don’t expect the locals to dance to your tune – they have their own daily routine, plus the game has a change of seasons. This affects events that can be skipped and then you will have to wait for the in-game year. Yes, during the day, too, not everything will turn out to be completed, partly because the hero has energy and it is replenished with food or sleep.

Stardew Valley is catchy because it is a game with no particular restrictions. Only now the cooperative was not delivered to the mobile version. Well, as usual in the modern industry, every game has a “message”. Developer Stardew focused on peaceful life in the countryside, and also did not add the mechanics of killing animals for meat. And even if you stop caring for cows or chickens, at some point they just stop giving milk or eggs, and do not die. In general, buy for everyone, especially if you want to relax.

Peace, Death!

Well, now let’s talk about domestic developers who have made an alternative to “Papers, Please” – Peace, Death. Only this time the task is much simpler: we play as the Reaper, who must send the dead to Heaven or Hell. Our boss, Death, will be a pain in the ass: he adds conditions or changes them every day. For example, a blood-stained Tolstoy goes to Hell, but Osama bin Laden with “angelic eyes” goes to Heaven, even if there is blood on him. But what if the killer disowned his weapon? Then you can go to Purgatory, but if only demonic horns are not hiding behind a hat, otherwise it’s definitely to the Underworld.

Peace, Death shines with this absurdity with a ton of humor. By the way, if you quickly pronounce the name of this game three times, you get a Russian mate. Plus, the developers added the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, they sometimes need to help for their reputation. For example, the War will create a conflict over oil, which will result in a mountain of new bodies, which means more work for you. One mistake and it all fails, but the lucky ones will be able to accumulate materials to simplify individual levels and seven weeks of real Hell will pass.

Beat cop

If you are into 80s cop drama and music, check out Beat Cop. The game is story-driven and costs almost 500 rubles, so enjoy every dialogue. In the story, we take on the role of a former detective who killed the wrong one and ended up in the ranks of street police. Nobody gives a damn about his past, so he must earn recognition. From this moment on, dull everyday life begins: issuing fines, calling a tow truck and talking with local people. You have to take your work seriously, so you will receive a “full hat” from your superiors for a wrongly drawn up fine. Just like in Papers, Please: “Glory to Arstotzke!”

As for the tasks, sometimes you need to take sides in them, this increases or decreases your reputation, for example, with ordinary citizens or bandits. This will affect the ending and achievments, which will have to be “jerked” simply because the Beat Cop is about 8-9 hours long. During this time, you will have to decide who exactly to help, since during a working day you do not have time to complete all tasks. If you don’t write enough fines, you will lower your reputation with the police and get less money, and if you cross the road to the bandits, they will remember it. In this case, it is necessary to pay alimony to your past wife. Verdict: you need to play, but it’s better to wait for the discount.

Door Kickers: Action Squad

The original Door Kickers was a kind of alternative to Rainbow Six, where we give orders to SWAT and watch how they tactfully deal with terrorists. Pixel Door Kickers has all of this too, but in a funnier format. For example, a door comes to the police and complains that your soldiers broke it. And this can be done both with a shoulder and by pushing a tank of explosives towards it. Of course, now our agents are not trying to do everything secretly. On the contrary, they jump through windows, roll, chew gum, and shoot from the hip, just like Schwarzenegger.

This is not to say that Door Kickers: Action Squad is a mobile arcade game. No, before starting the mission, we choose the class of the operator and his attachment. From the tasks there is rescuing hostages or demining a bomb. At the levels there are not only enemies, but also wounded police officers with old women. It is a pity that only the co-op mode was not transferred from the PC. And so I advise everyone.

Hyper light drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is a work of art made by a person with serious heart disease. Therefore, throughout the game, the protagonist also fights with an incomprehensible ailment, sometimes even spitting up blood. The plot is presented through silent scenes, so the whole emphasis is on the gameplay. The manual animation of the world, various biomes, the combat system, riddles, secrets and more are immediately evident. And the most important thing is that in this game you can turn off the controller. In battles, you deflect bullets with your sword, make small dashes, shoot a cannon and throw grenades. Gradually, these skills are pumped, which in theory should expand your arsenal, but in practice I was dizzy from the choice.

Hyper Light Drifter is a world exploration game. It is split into several regions, each offering more challenging challenges. But before you are allowed to see them, you first need to collect special orbs and defeat the bosses. Yes, there is a map, but even with it I puzzled over where exactly some object is and how to get to it. At the same time, I would say that the complexity is average, and there is motivation for finding items. In the end, I will say this: it’s worth buying, but at a discount.

Party hard go

To work in the morning, and your neighbors turned on Tatyana Krug at full volume? Don’t worry, you can pour your anger into Party Hard Go. In this game, you need to secretly deal with a crowd of 49 people, while if they see you with a dead body, they will immediately call the outfit. That is, you have to wait until two or three people enter a secluded room, and then hide the evidence. The police may not be called if you deal with the informer ahead of time. By the way, the patrol car itself can drive through the resting children, leaving behind a bloody mess.

In Party Hard Go, you can hide from the guardians of the law, while they shout: “I’m too old for this” and just leave. But in general, it is better not to bring it to this, because you get points for combo kills. You can also interact with the environment, for example, disable an electrical panel or stove. But remember that the explosion will kill you too. Verdict: This is something like Hotline Miami, but without furious action.

Dead cells

Hopefully no one needs to introduce Dead Cells. This is the same bagel that allows one of the viewers on Twitch to become a chicken helping a streamer. If you’ve played The Binding of Isaac, then the mechanics of this project will be familiar, since the developers were inspired by Isaac. The levels are randomly generated, they differ in biomes and difficulty. The general atmosphere of doom, crypts and dungeons will remind you of Diablo.

As you progress, you collect cells from enemies, for which you can purchase permanent improvements or a blueprint for a new blade. At the start, you are showered with rewards and pumping, but then only pain awaits. For example, the boss can quickly put you down and then you have to start from the very beginning. The worst thing is when the necessary items do not spawn and you have to fight with what you have. Conclusion: Dead Cells will definitely hit Dark Souls fans.

Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee

And for dessert I have another hardcore title – Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee. In it, a group of criminals crashes in a spaceship. The characters will have to explore small rooms with power off and defend themselves from monsters. Each hero has his own set of abilities and his own role in the team.

The main task is to bring the generator to the end of the level, only it attracts enemies to itself. Therefore, first we give the order to individual bandits to comb the location and clear it in advance. But this will not help either, since as soon as you pick up the generator, an endless wave of monsters will go at you. If you think that this is where the difficulty of the game ends, then you are wrong: choosing a spaceship gives certain buffs, and after opening each room, a random event is triggered. And the cherry on top – Dungeon of the Endless has elements from turn-based games. For example, you open a door and a new turn begins. For this, resources are added, for them you can conduct research and turn on the light in separate rooms.

And that’s all for me, my fans of pixel games. Write in the comments which one came to you the most and why. And we’ll add the coolest answer in the next video. See you later!

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