Top 10 racing games on iOS and Android like Need for Speed ​​Underground

Hello mobile gamers! With you AppTime Media and in this article I will talk about the top racing projects on iOS and Android. We will see which of them can be considered a good replacement for the Need for Speed ​​Underground series and why. I promise that there will be no games from the Asphalt series. So brew a cool tea, sit back, and we’re off!

Need for Speed: NL Racing

Of course, such a selection should start with Need for Speed: No Limits. Let me just say that this is somewhere in between. underground and Most Wanted. For example, races take place at night with neon signs, and sometimes you have to throw the cops off your tail. All attention is paid to opening blueprints for new cars and pumping individual parts. This directly affects the level of reputation and the chance to win the next race. At first, we will have to go through story missions, divided into chapters, at the end of which we will race with one of the local leaders. As for PvP, it opens after the closure of the 6th chapter.

Now let’s talk about modes. The main one is called “Rush Hour”, these are races from point A to B with the fight for first place with bots. Then comes “Delivery”, in this mode you need to drive to the finish line for a while and not scratch the car, as you are fined for this; By the way, it is in Delivery that you are given a chance to try a rare car and even a part of the blueprint for it. There are also two modes – Hunter and Assassin – but these are purely 1v1 races with bosses. As for the graphics, for the game in 2015 NFS: No Limits keeps briskly: licensed cars, a believable engine sound and reflections from wet asphalt make you believe in what is happening. Well, broken glass and worn paint after the next race is another story altogether.

CarX Highway Racing

CarX Highway Racing is similar to No Limits in some places – completing story missions for money, improving sports cars and participating in PvP races is a confirmation of this. Of course, the picture seems less realistic, although the view from the cockpit and the ability to manually shift gears deliver. As for the modes in the campaign, these are duels, time trials, knockouts and typical races. It sounds varied, but in the bottom line, you need to get to the finish line faster than others. The “Long Trip” mode looks much more interesting – try to drive 24 km, collecting fuel along the way so as not to stall; the further you go, the better the reward.

One of the features of CarX Highway Racing is constant tension from the first levels. For example, if at least once you crash into a passing car or forget to change gear, then you will not be able to catch up with your opponent. Every now and then you look in the rearview mirror, trying to booty Don’t let the enemy get ahead. Of the minuses, I will only note outdated graphics, the lack of licensed cars and drift.

Rebel Racing

Next on the list is Rebel Racing with a great interface and realistic cars. For example, your first car might be Ford Mustang, the engine of which will start the dead man. There is no open world, although we will still get to the project with it – we go through race after race, earning bucks and spending them on pumping. For a perfect race on the track there is a virtual lane with arrows, which will obviously come in handy in races with bosses.

Of course, for the especially lazy, the developers have added a premium season pass, but you can live without it if you complete daily and weekly challenges. Also, if you don’t have money on hand, Rebel Racing offers trial runs in premium sports cars, and even with rewards. It’s a pity that there is no multiplayer, even honor boards, which makes donut lose all meaning.

CSR Racing 2

Let’s go a little into the territory of well, very arcade projects, meet – CSR Racing 2. The project offers drag racing with gear changes at the perfect time and licensed cars. Yes, you can completely tune your device, including the interior, so that later in the garage you can look at it from all sides, open the doors, the hood, and so on. The plot is served through text dialogues, and the characters are colorful.

As for the races, they are divided into difficulty levels, and in addition to pumping with bots, we are offered network races with real players almost at the start, and you can choose an opponent depending on his level of general level of strength. Of the minuses, I note unrealistic engine sounds, although car models are my respect. Well, collabs with such franchises as “Fast and the Furious” only stir up interest in the project.

CarX Street

The developers of the CarX series suddenly surprised all the fans Need for Speed ​​Underground They launched CarX Street in Early Access. It has an open world with different types of roads and unique buildings, little traffic and a dynamic change of day and night, because of which the city is transformed after dusk. In 2 or 3 months, multiplayer will be added to the game, and an Android version will also be released. For now, iOS testers can enjoy farm racing to buy upgrades and new cars, and even join clubs to compete against local bosses for the title of the best.

There are shortcomings in CarX Street, for example, rivals cannot be led astray, and cones on the roads can calmly stop our car. This is covered by the ability to drift not only on the roads, but also on the roofs of skyscrapers. And if you want realism, then after an unsuccessful race, be kind enough to stop by a gas station to replenish the tank. This costs a significant amount of money, but enterprising testers have already found a way to get up to $200,000 per hour.

CarX Drift Racing 2

For fans Need for Speed: Carbon Dedicated – CarX Drift Racing 2 offers drifting on racetracks and painted sports cars. You, along with your opponent in a 1v1 format, compete on very tight turns, remembering to press the gas pedal and shift gears, and at the right time use the handbrake. And this is a free project with graphics that are not inferior to the same Real Racing 3, which the graphic jerkers pray for.

You can also drift with friends, there are private rooms for this. In addition, thresholds, bumpers and wheels are hung on cars, and before the race, you can fine-tune your horse — change the tire pressure, tune the engine, gearbox and everything else. Well, the cherry on the cake is the different behavior of the car on asphalt, sand, grass and snow. But after adding the “chase” mode to the career, it became more difficult for casual players to win, so if you have never dreamed of attaching a steering wheel with pedals and a gearbox to your smartphone or PC, the game can scare you away.

ClubR: Online

But not all racing should gravitate toward simulations and ClubR: Online – good example. The game offers night races and even change on the rights, but do not be afraid – you just need to get to the desired point in a certain time and park correctly. Moreover, you can create chaos on the road – knock down traffic lights and even pedestrians. Also expect multiplayer, designed for 16 people. Only the cars are not licensed, but there are plenty of modes: time trials, stunts, free driving, and so on.

The developers promise more than 80 cars with customization and a test drive before buying a new one. Of course, I can’t vouch for realism, but there are a gearbox, a handbrake and even turn signals with an emergency gang. Well, when you get tired of chasing with friends or shooting cops off your tail, you can always have fun on arcade tracks like GTA Online and even complete missions as a truck driver or taxi driver.

Ace Racer

Ace Racer is a futuristic replacement for the series Asphalt from the Chinese studio NetEase Games. This means that the main menu plays peppy rock, and during the races cars of the future turn over and spew flames from the exhaust pipe. Of course, the developers have worked hard on special effects and graphics, but this is not the main thing – finally, someone thought of introducing a mode where players are divided into two teams in a 3v3 format, which adds cooperation during races. Yes, and the control can be changed, ranging from almost an auto-pilot to almost a simulator; The only thing missing is a manual gearshift.

As for the fleet, the car models and engine sound are top notch, and the cars are licensed, although many of them are just concepts, not prototypes of real models. Well, judging by the information from the Chinese launch, the Ace Racer has a free ride mode that allows you to cruise between tracks made in oriental style. The only thing that pisses me off is the donation, in a month without it it is difficult to win in PvP matches.

Wangan Dorifto

Wangan Dorifto is one of the most arcade racing games on our list. For example, it is made in a neon style with the addition of a VHS effect – old people will understand. Also, the gameplay is vertical, and our only task is to fit into turns and drift. I am glad that the control is carried out with a maximum of two fingers and this is for braking. Of course, the cars are unreal and indeed from the future.

At the same time, the light does not converge like a wedge on drifting – in Wangan Dorifto you need to explore the city of Neo Tokyo, capture territories in order to become the king of street racing. The car needs to be improved, this is done with the help of spare parts falling out of the loot box; and for winning races, the player earns prestige. Those who played note the excellent soundtrack and the simplicity of the design, but you need to get used to the controls.

Furious: Heat Racing

I left Furious: Heat Racing for last, an arcade racing game with traffic maneuvering and avoiding police car chases. Although the game looks simple, once you lose the first mission due to a collision with everything in a row, you will have to start over; it will be the same if the cops get caught and forced to slow down. So my advice is when you see ahead flashersturn on “mind games” and try to confuse the bots.

For completing races, the player receives parts of different rarity levels, which will help during the campaign, as well as in multiplayer. Well, if you want a powerful point, you will have to complete a series of missions. Only here are some elements that are not entirely clear, for example – how and where to get some resources for pumping? In this regard, there is no training, but it is impossible to think out logically. The rest of the project is good.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thank you for watching to the end – we are trying only for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, put your fingers up and visit us for a light on AppTime – only fresh and high-quality news from the world of the gaming industry is published here. See you soon!

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