Top 10 turn-based RPGs for iOS and Android: Evoland, Atom RPG, Darkest Dungeon

Hello mobile gamers! With you AppTime Media and in this issue I will talk about the best turn-based RPGs for iOS and Android. The list will include an immortal classic with adventures through dark dungeons and huge worlds with their own plot and color. So sit back, make some tea, and off we go!

Atom RPG

I will start with a small Atom RPG, which gives off a Soviet entourage with a pinch of post-apocalypse. In general, the quests and dialogues are reminiscent of the classic parts of Fallout with an isometric camera, a huge selection and the Wasteland. The plot is simple, but interesting and with a separate story for each character; I also note the well-written dialogues, after them it feels like reading a story. As for the pumping system, it is again taken from Falloutand what answer options in the dialogues will be available depends on the build, so replay value is provided.

Well, the combat is clearly not suitable for fans of hardcore and thoughtful battles – the developers of Atom RPG introduced a system of “random encounters”, which at first test your strength, and then become like a memorized dance – we give our partners weapons, put them in their places and manage to kill the enemy, until he got closer to us. The battles themselves are short-lived and end on average in four moves, but the main tactics are one or two and miscalculated – the game “in exchange” or running for cover after each blow. But the world is colorful and old guard gamers recognizes real personalities in many characters, including Yakubovich, and the jokes of partners during dialogues will warm the heart like a lamp.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, publisher LucasArts released Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2. It is completed in 55 hours, and in terms of graphics and plot, it is much better and more mature than its own. older sistermade in black and white. Instead of dividing into brave Jedi and bad Sith, we are offered an intricate and rough story, thanks to the Obsidian studio for this. The combat system has undergone few changes, due to which we get the old 3D implementation of the Dungeons & Dragons layout. We can pause the game and decide in advance what the squad will do, or do the same thing, only in real time.

In addition, Influence appeared in Knights of the Old Republic 2, it is important for progressing through the history of party members – it is your actions that determine whether you will be respected or despised. The arsenal of the game is also amazing – the abundance of weapons, armor and abilities is over the top, so there are both Ion cannons and Twilek vibration clinics with a bunch of improvements.

Darkest Dungeon

My uncle of the most honest rules, when he seriously fell ill, wrote me a letter that I urgently need to come to the estate and deal with the curse hanging over our family. Yes, that’s how it starts Darkest Dungeon, a turn-based RPG with tons of opportunities to kill a squad of the best fighters in a godforsaken dungeon. The main problem is not monster damage, but the level of stress, which can drive a squad member crazy and make him hit a partner, himself, or even die on the spot. Each entry is strewn with traps, and the reward is meager, especially since the best warriors will have to be sent to a hospital or tavern to be cured of an illness.

As for the combat system, your victory depends on the formation, that is, in what places you placed each character. This affects whether all abilities will be open and whether the hero will be able to hit at all, especially since fear can force the squad to change positions on its own. Well, since the developers were inspired by the works of Lovecraft, then expect an unknown horror in the depths of the catacombs, the destruction of which will bring peace to the local lands. And for more horror, I will quote the main message of the game: “Go down to Hell.”

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Series Baldur’s Gate – the golden fund of RPG and immortal classics. This time we’ll take a look at the latest installment available for smartphones and tablets, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition. Seasoned gamers with warmth in their hearts remember those hardcore and old times when a character could die forever or refuse to participate in your group simply because his worldview is at odds with the squad. Well, there are no hints either, so half of the quests can be skipped without knowing it, and the range of spells has to be determined by eye. The characters in this part are alive – they quarrel, fall in love, go through trials and grow. All this allows you to replay Baldur’s Gate II many times.

Interestingly, gamers enthusiastically speak not only about the main plot, but also about add-ons – they have hard fights where you can’t sleep and remove the debuff from the hero, and by the end the whole group will be on its last legs along with the player’s brains.


Pot-bellied TVs, slow downloads, 8-bit graphics, and blown cartridges – the gaming industry and many generations have gone through all this to reach high-speed SSDs and entire online worlds. So, Evoland contains a short story about many milestones igrostroya, and allowing the modern gamer to experience for himself what it is like to have one life and not have checkpoints. Evoland is a veritable mash-up of genres: Zelda-style adventure, Final Fantasy turn-based combat, and collectible cards for sweaty parties with local NPCs.

Of course, the Playdigious studio added a superficial story about saving the world and even a store that, in addition to bombs and cool equipment, sells accelerated level downloads. It’s a pity that the passage of Evoland, even with knocking out achievements, takes no more than 6 hours, but the level of lamp and old-schoolness goes off scale. But random fights can get boring at some point, especially when facing an easy opponent purely because you decide to go out of your way and check the nearby mountains or forests for secrets.

Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus

The Warhammer universe is full of both full-fledged series and projects from little-known studios; Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus this is the second case. We play as a faction of the Adeptus Mechanicus, whose representatives are sent on an expedition on the Ark to explore the planet Silva Tenebris; only no one said it was a big Necron burial ground. Players are offered several branches of tasks that are issued by the leaders of the expedition, and not all of them are ready to turn a blind eye to how the members of the squad die like flies on a mission.

Each mission is the exploration of the tomb and the passage of branched labyrinths. You constantly have to make a choice: take the weapon from the dead man, examine the corpse, or pass by, saving time. The battles proceed according to the scheme of the series XCOM – attack, use skills and try to minimize losses. Squad customization allows you to choose one of 7 classes, divided into melee and ranged fighters, healers, supports, and so on. In the end, each fighter will be hung with cannons and tentacles from head to toe.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins

If you combine the font and dark style from Diablo with turn-based RPGs, you get Vampire’s Fall: Origins. The game has been ported to smartphones for a long time, so in terms of gameplay we get the exploration of small and pre-drawn locations, completing quests and fighting various evil spirits, from rats to vampires. The player can choose the gender and pedigree of the character, and as they level up, equipment and weapons. Control is completely in your hands, so no newfangled auto modes.

As for the combat system, it is simple – according to the effect on each of the hands, a couple of abilities and a pass. Since there is no group mode in Vampire’s Fall, then don’t expect any kind of chemistry, intricate stories and betrayals. Those who have played note the long pumping and hunting for strong monsters, in addition to this, there are guilds and PvP in the arena. Well, the icing on the cake is the ability to go without the Internet, only mini-raids will be unavailable.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

“The bastards, they killed Kenny!” the children from South Park shout, and then they start war games between themselves. After success The Stick of Truth Publisher Ubisoft got it right and released the self-deprecating South Park: Phone Destroyer on smartphones. In it, familiar characters are divided into several camps – cowboys, elves, superheroes and other evil spirits. The player takes on the role of a novice who is quickly brought up to date and given character cards. In fact, we go through the levels, chatting with the local punks and smile at not the most politically correct jokes in the style of Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

As for the battles, if you played the same The Stick of Truth, then you will understand everything – we call characters to the battlefield who automatically run to the enemy’s field and deal with the first unit that comes across. Each card has energy that is spent on the call, as well as an ult. The gameplay is divided into two types – a story with bots and real PvP, where we break opponents’ phones and move up the rating ladder.

Banner Saga 2

Banner Saga 2 is the sequel to a cool turn-based RPG where every choice matters, only if in the first part we collected all the characters in one place, now the task is more difficult – to keep them together. Of course, if you were hoping to find out the backstory of the events of the first Banner Saga, then I hasten to disappoint – the writers did not. The gameplay has undergone a number of changes, for example, at the end of the game, you can see how the Darkness has changed the overall map. Well, for the brave, a survival mode has appeared, available before and after passing. In fact, you are given a series of 40 battles in different locations and mortal heroes.

The developers also increased the maximum character level to 10, and if you transfer the saves, you won’t have to re-pump. There are also more artifacts to improve the hero, but there is a little less hardcore – now exhaustion does not affect your caravan so much, so you can sleep and gain strength between battles.

XCOM 2 Collection

In the end, I left XCOM 2 Collection, which was released on smartphones and tablets by publisher Feral Interactive. The scheme is simple – aliens have captured people, there is almost no resistance, so we must save the world. How? With the help of a bunch of marines and a couple of guns that miss even if the percentage of hit is 100%. We will again fly around the planet, this time with the base itself, because information about you is constantly being leaked to aliens.

In terms of gameplay, we get protracted fights using cover and special abilities of each fighter. For example, we put a sniper on the roof, we send an attack aircraft into the thick of it, and so on. Well, between battles, get ready to create a multi-level base where research is carried out, new equipment is created and future saviors of the Earth are nurtured.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thanks for watching to the end. We are trying only for you. Do not forget to subscribe to the channel and visit us for a light, because only AppTime publishes the latest news from the world of the mobile industry. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon!

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