Top Mobile News of the Week: Apex Legends Mobile Announcement, Suspects Release, and More | nodonation_mobile

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News number 1

More than $ 200 million has been spent on Mario Kart Tour since launch. The game was released in September 2019, the leader in spending is the United States ($ 76 million, 37.6%), the free-to-play model. The first $ 100 million was raised in less than 6 months and was backed by a paid Gold Pass subscription. For the year at the moment from Nintendo Mobile Games 5 leaders:

Info from Sensor Tower

News number 3

Infinite Lagrange by NetEasevoiced earlier. The 20th is available for download, the 21st launch of the servers, the 23rd (this Friday) “First Look” on the channel nodonation_mobile

News number 4

Respawn Entertainment has given out information that testing of Apex Legends Mobile will begin soon. Everything will start with the owners of smartphones on Android from the Philippines and India, and within a year, other regions and support for iOS will be connected to the program. No release date is known, but it is known that the game will be free-to-play, no crossplay, its own battle pass and items.

News number 5

Magic: The Gathering Arena is a typical Japanese ad. I’ll just leave it here.

News number 6

According to the top-ranked income, nothing changes in a month, Tencent struggling with himself. Honor of kings No. 1 – $ 257.5 million, which is 63% more than in March 2020, while 96.3% falls on mainland China (of course), No. 2 PUBG Mobile and $ 240.5 million.

News number 7

Smash Legends, which was reported in the previous release, reached 1 million total downloads in PlayMarket and AppStore in just 5 days. I spent my “first look” on it that Friday, requesting information about the affiliate program.

News number 8

Netmarble and Level-5 are sawing a mobile anime-style MMORPG Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. The project has already been dubbed epic, soundtrack from the Philharmonic Orchestra, composer Joe Hisaishi from Studio Ghibli, real-time battles, PvP, PvE.

In 2019, Netflix released a full-length cartoon based on this RPG franchise from Bandai Namco. Recently a new trailer was released (the animation is really superb), pre-registration is already available for 3 weeks (though I didn’t find it in 5 minutes of surfing, as a result I had to translate the characters on the official website), release in August 2021. Shut up and take my money ^ _ ^ * (but we won’t donate).

News number 9

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run earned $ 700 thousand in the first week after release and passed the milestone of 20 million downloads in just 4 days, hit the top in downloads and revenue for the 1st quarter, although it came out at the very end, at the moment the revenue has already exceeded $ 1.2 million and the download has exceeded 35 million. All this brings this game to the top runners and gives it a chance to become one of the most downloaded mobile titles. Info from Sensor Tower, App Annie and AppMagic.

News number 10

Garena Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile have launched new seasons, 6th and 3rd, respectively. In FF there are 2 new characters, new weapon Kord, updated systems for pumping characters and equipment, improvement / weakening of weapons, and more.

In СoD: Mobile, the third season is called Tokyo escape and expectedly there will be a lot of Japanese content: skins, characters. New Melee-Only Mode, Two New Maps – The Oasis Desert Hotel, first introduced in Modern warfare 3 and Coastal – mobile exclusive, 2 new downs – PP19 Bizon and QXR, new skills and classes.

News number 11

IN PUBG Mobile in version 1.5, the Metro Royale mode will be temporarily removed as they say for development and improvements. They promise to return by the end of 2021 with “a lot of new elements and exclusive content.” Damn, why should I go back to Badlanders now?

News number 12

Kakao Games has opened pre-registrations for MMO Moonlight Sculptor prior to its launch in May, and is available on the Play Market (patched) and on the website (App Store later). Development is carried out with XL Games (creators of ArcheAge). The game has already launched fragmentarily in the Asian region, where it has proven itself well, this is a global release in 157 countries.

6 classes: Alchemist, Archer, Mage, Paladin, Warrior or no class to become a Sculptor; small and large-scale PvP, auto-fight in hunting grounds. As usual, for the pre-registration of the award for achieving certain milestones. The game caught the eye because of the initial acquaintance with the Legendary Moon Sculptor manhwa, which is considered the ancestor of the LitRPG genre.

News number 13

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is an Among Us-style mobile game from Wildfire Studios. 5 million downloads in the 1st day. O RLY? Friday is going to be hot – 2 first views (one at this one), the game is the winner of the vote and many, many PUBG Mobile.

And today is Thursday, traditional draws in Last Day on Earth: Survival from Kefir on the channel nodonation_mobile… The pump was found, the boat was assembled, now a lighthouse, farm islands and of course a crater.

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