Top Popular Survival Games

Top Popular Survival Games Top Popular Survival Games

Every year, a large number of survival simulators and sandboxes from various indie studios appear in the world of games, but not everyone gains popularity and love from players. Most projects die at the early access stage or remain at the low online level, and only a small number make their way to high positions in the tops.

In this article, we have compiled the top 10 popular sandbox and survival simulators based on statistics from the SteamCharts website.


Despite the fact that the SCUM survival simulator is at the bottom of our top in terms of popularity, it is a really interesting and quite promising project. The events of the game take place on a certain island with a large number of zombies, where representatives of the criminal world are sent to host the SCUM TV show (during the game you will meet drones with cameras more than once).

The game begins with the creation of a character, after which you get to the island in only one robe. What’s next? Then you need to survive, get food, clothes and weapons, as well as build your shelters for a more comfortable life. In terms of gameplay, the game can be compared to DayZ, where you meet other players, raid bases and so on, but in addition to everything, there are huge mechanical robots that guard military warehouses. That’s where the most valuable loot is hidden.

The Gamepires studio developers are constantly releasing updates with various innovations and trying to fix the shortcomings in the optimization. Like many other indie projects, SCUM is a long-term construction that was released in 2018, and now the game has a stable online presence in the form of 16 thousand players daily. It would seem that this is quite a bit, but within the framework of a survival simulator, it is quite a good indicator.

Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires is a survival sim set in a fictional eastern territory reminiscent of Japan or China. The game has a huge variety of mechanics, such as multi-level crafting, developing your own farm with livestock, building shelters and entire fortresses, clan PvP wars, and so on. The project has a non-target combat system where you need to choose the direction of the blow, and depending on the hit on different parts of the body, different effects are applied to the enemy. For example, hit on the legs, the enemy will move more slowly, on the head – will receive critical damage.

It sounds good, of course, and the gameplay of Myth of Empires is really addictive, however, there is one “but”. After entering early access, a scandal erupted around the project, as if the developers had stolen the source code of another game. Because of all this, at the moment, it is impossible to purchase the game on Steam, but Angela Game Studio promises to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Despite the problems, Myth of Empires has a stable 34 thousand players on its servers daily. I wonder what will be online after the return of the game on sale.

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Don’t Starve Together

A very interesting cooperative survival game with unusual art called Don’t Starve Together got into our top. The game is an isometric 2D sandbox with horror elements, where you have to choose one of the many characters with their own unique characteristics and do everything in order to survive: explore the world, fight monsters, develop your own farm, craft and, of course, not starve ! Yes, yes, “Don’t starve” is a literal translation of the game’s name.

Most importantly, Don’t Starve Together is playable in co-op. When playing with friends, it is advisable for you to share responsibilities so that while one is farming, the other is extracting resources. Yes, and defending yourself from all sorts of monsters with the company is much more pleasant. At the time of this writing, Don’t Starve Together has 46,000 daily players on Steam. And this is not surprising, because the project turned out to be lamp and atmospheric, and the unusual style of drawing is its highlight.

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If you want to play DayZ but don’t want to spend the money, then the free survival sim Unturned might be for you. Of course, at first glance, the game can scare away with its appearance, which is not surprising, but this does not prevent it from having as many as 47 thousand users online.

This project offers really huge worlds, among which there are Russia, Germany, Washington State and others. As in any other survival / sandbox game, your character is completely defenseless, naked and unarmed, so you need to actively loot, get food, build your own structures and try to survive among other players. In addition, in the world of Unturned there is even a vehicle on which you can explore the world and get out on serious and dangerous raids with friends.

This project is very specific, but a huge number of mechanics and features attracts a considerable number of players.

1642333591 527 Top Popular Survival Games Top Popular Survival Games


Probably no one will argue with the fact that DayZ is one of the most legendary survival simulators. The game itself was born during the popularity of the good old sandbox Arma 2 and became a global modification that won the love of a huge audience during the popularity of the zombie apocalypse theme.

In 2013, DayZ Standalone entered the early access stage, and later, in 2018, received a full release and was briefly called DayZ. This project is one of the most hardcore survival simulators, the locations of which reach unimaginable sizes: Chernarus 236 km² together with the sea and Livonia in the amount of 163 km², which is why the game is rightly called a running simulator. Also, the first time you have to suffer in search of cures for colds, the first weapon and sudden death, if this is only the first experience of playing DayZ.

At the time of the creation of our top, DayZ collects over 52 thousand players daily according to SteamCharts statistics and this is quite a good result for a long-term survival simulator.

Top Popular Survival Games Top Popular Survival Games


The sandbox game that made a lot of noise in 2021 is Valheim. Despite its simple graphics, the project gained popularity among fans of the genre in a matter of days, and the first 100 hours of exploration of the large open world are almost a breeze.

Let’s start with the fact that Valheim weighs only 1 GB and at the same time offers multi-level crafting, many biomes, a variety of opponents, as well as interesting bosses. You can be a completely peaceful farmer, taming various animals, including wild boars and wolves, but from time to time huge trolls and other forest animals attack your base, depending on the habitat.

At first, you want to return to the game again and again, because it amazes with its lameness and a wide range of possibilities. Nevertheless, despite the fact that it occupies only a gigabyte on the disk and has simple graphics, Valheim works with difficulty on weak hardware, which is a minus. But even not the best optimization does not prevent a large number of players from continuing to enjoy the gameplay.

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Project Zomboid

Some of you may be surprised, but Project Zomboid, released in 2013, still ranks high in the ratings on the Steam platform. And this despite the fact that the game is still in early access. Project Zomboid is an isometric zombie apocalypse survival game where you have to… survive among the zombies!

As in many of our top survival games, players will have to engage in gathering, equipping their home by boarding up windows and doors from hordes of zombies, as well as endless exploration of the world on foot or in vehicles, alone or with friends.

Speaking of friends. In Project Zomboid, co-op is available for up to 4 people, as well as the ability to connect to servers with other players. In addition, if something is missing in the game, then the modders have already done it, so you definitely won’t get bored of idleness here.

Top Popular Survival Games Top Popular Survival Games

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is a project whose name describes the essence of the game for itself. Like the notorious Minecraft, all buildings in 7 Days to Die consist of many blocks that can be destroyed without any restrictions. However, the goal of the game is to build your own shelter in 7 days, which can withstand whole waves of zombies and every time they become stronger. Despite the foregoing, before entering the game, you can independently adjust the difficulty of the gameplay and the time when hordes will start attacking you.

Everything is fun in 7 Days to Die, from simple exploration of the world to complex crafting and building entire fortresses with stakes, flamethrowers, spinners with sharp blades and other traps aimed at destroying monsters. In addition, as in any full-fledged survival game, in the game world you can find all sorts of vehicles, equipment, weapons, and much, much more.

Daily online 7 Days to Die on Steam is about 70 thousand users, and during discounts the price for it varies around 130 rubles.

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ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a multiplayer survival sandbox game famous for its dinosaurs, which can be not only tamed, but even mounted, as well as using various high technologies. The game still receives many major updates to this day and only gets prettier over the years.

After creating a character, you find yourself on an island where you start your journey as a Great Survivor completely naked and hungry. Throughout the game, you will be engaged in crafting, building your own shelters, houses and farms. Unlike other survival games and sandboxes in ARK, you will not meet zombies, but only a huge variety of dinosaurs that you can hunt or tame.

However, your life will not be so calm and rosy, since other players can attack the base at any time. Yes, here you need not only to develop quickly, but also to be constantly on the alert, but it’s better to play with friends or even a whole clan.

At the time of writing the top for ARK: Survival Evolved, a major patch called Lost Island was released, with a large Lost Island map. This island has an area of ​​150 square kilometers and is filled with many stunning biomes.

1642333591 234 Top Popular Survival Games Top Popular Survival Games


And the first place in our top is occupied by the most popular survival simulator at the moment called Rust. The project is more PvP-oriented, and the main task of the “raster” is to settle down, get weapons faster than other players and start raiding other people’s bases.

Your path begins with the choice of a server, which mainly differ in different lengths of time from the beginning to the end of the wipe. For example, one of the most popular are weekly and biweekly servers. The first hours after zeroing start the same for everyone: a crowd of barefoot men with a round cobblestone in their hands frantically extract stone and wood in order to build their first wagon. It is possible that even at this stage, a gang of naked people will attack you and simply stone you.

Then phased development begins, followed by endless PvP. Some groups of players are actively collecting resources in order to start crafting the most important workbenches and workbenches, while others quickly get bows and start hunting them. Let’s just say that the second option is not always more profitable, because you can also be killed and take away the only weapon.

Already by the middle of the week after the wipe, the most active stage of raids begins, when entire clans or single players try to break through the defenses of other people’s bases and get into rich caches. This is where the war begins: endless skirmishes are replaced by the sounds of explosions from C4, to which the entire server is pulled up, arranging real chaos on a seemingly recently peaceful land. Yes, not everyone will like this gameplay, because as a beginner you will often die and start over again. However, having gained experience, you get excited and become the same hardened “raider” as the old men of this project.

At the time of compiling the top, Rust has 154 thousand online users daily. The game is constantly evolving and receiving updates that add many new mechanics, due to which it remains one of the most desired and popular survival simulators to this day.

1642333591 891 Top Popular Survival Games Top Popular Survival Games

And on this, our top 10 popular survival simulators came to an end. As we said earlier, the list is based on SteamCharts statistics, which means that some projects that you like could be missed. So feel free to go down in the comments and write about your favorite survivors and sandboxes.

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