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Torchlight: Infinite pre-loaded for smartphones and PCs

Torchlight Infinite pre loaded for smartphones and PCs Torchlight: Infinite pre-loaded for smartphones and PCs

Torchlight: Infinite is a slasher for mobile devices and PC. Literally today we wrote when exactly we should expect the launch of global servers. And now the publisher XD Entertainment allows you to download the client in advance, so as not to load the server later. At the time of writing, you can install the game through Google Play and Steam, pre-order is available on iOS.

Torchlight: Infinite OBT awaits players 6 heroes with its own unique characteristics, 3 chapters of the main story and different biomes: from dwarf mines to the Gobi desert. Hardcore gamers will be happy that the developers have added 8 difficulty levels5 regions and a random configuration of locations (probably referring to dungeons).

More from Torchlight: Infinite, you can expect the exclusive gameplay of the season “The Coming Eruption of Darkness” – you have to expel amberons from your body and upgrade legendary equipment. It turns out that in each season there will be not only unique skins, but also game modes.

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