Torchlight: Infinite-style Unhappy Raccoon roguelike enters beta test

Publisher XD Network has launched an early version of Unhappy Raccoon on Android. You can also participate in testing.

Unhappy Raccoon is a mobile project that will be released on iOS and Android. Currently undergoing beta testing for the second platform. We played it and the conclusion is that if you like the setting of Torchlight: Infinite, then this project will also come in. Probably, only assets were used for them, only Unhappy Raccoon is more of a bagel with corridor locations divided into arenas with enemies.

At the start, the Unhappy Raccoon player can choose one of the foxes, probably, the characteristics depend on this, because there are no skills even after pumping – only attack and items falling out of loot boxes. It is they and passive abilities that give us the opportunity to slow down time like in the Matrix, put up a shield, shoot in front of us, inflict more damage in the back of the enemy, and so on. Only all this is done randomly, without your participation.

A little tip – instead of constantly tapping on the “Attack” button, just hold it down and do not forget to dodge targeted enemy attacks. To make it easier, it is better to take out opponents with long-range weapons at first.

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