Total War: Arena – General Germanicus

We all remember the unusual construction of the Roman legionnaires “tortoise”. In Total War: Arena, General Germanicus is able to do just that, allowing him to protect units from archer fire.

The Roman general Germanicus is an expert in heavy infantry, focused on strengthening defense against melee and ranged attacks. His bloodlust in battle allows him to deal more damage than the enemy, and thanks to the onslaught, he does not allow the enemy to come to his senses.


Onslaught of heavy infantry

Performs a dash for a short distance. Thanks to heavy shields, it demolishes the enemy, destroying his system.


By changing into a turtle formation, the unit greatly reduces damage taken from archer attacks, but reduces speed and vision.


After the growth of losses on the part of the enemy, the detachment shows miracles of valor in battle.

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