Total War: Rome Remastered – cheats and console commands

picture 3 1 Total War: Rome Remastered - cheats and console commands

Total War: Rome Remastered is finally out and rekindled the flames of nostalgia in the hearts of many fans, adding long-awaited improvements to the game that bring it closer to the level of today’s competitors. The spirit of the game has remained intact, and players will be happy to know that cheats and console commands have also been preserved in the new version.

List of cheats and console commands

In fact, the cheats and console commands for Total War: Rome Remastered are the same ones that worked in 2004. Anyone who turned them on to help themselves, playing the campaigns of this classic strategy 17 years ago, will also easily figure it out in the remaster.

  • create_unit (general name) (unit name) (amount) – adds the specified number of named units to the army of the specified general
  • give_trait (character name) (ability) (level) – gives the named character the specified level of the specified ability
  • process_cq (settlement name) – completes all buildings in the queue of the named settlement
  • add_population (population name) (number) – increases the population of a given settlement by the specified amount
  • capture_settlement (city name) – transfers control of the specified city to you
  • oliphaunt – Gives one division of Yubtseb Elephants
  • add_money (amount) – gives a given amount of money
  • kill_character (character) – kills the specified character
  • season (summer/winter) – changes the season to summer or winter
  • date (year) – changes the year of the campaign to the specified one
  • Jericho – destroys enemy walls
  • toggle_fow – toggles the fog of war
  • auto_win (attacker/defender) – automatic victory in automatic battles
  • toggle_perfect_spy – sets spying abilities to maximum and grants infinite range

Total War: Rome Remastered was released on PC on April 29, 2021. We managed to play it for a bit before its release and wrote a review and guide for beginners – we recommend taking a look.

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