Total War: Shogun II Walkthrough Tips

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STAGE 1: development and promotion

Before moving on to the walkthrough, we advise you to remember the exact list of factions for which you can prove yourself. This is not about additions, but about the original campaign. Optionally, you can connect the necessary add-ons, such as Ikko Ikki Clan Pack, Otomo Clan Pack and Hattori Clan Pack. DLC with elite units for different houses is also available for the game.

There are ten playable factions – Tesokabe, Mori, Date, Hojo, Oda, Shimazu, Takeda, Tokugawa, Uesugi, Hattori, Ikko-Ikki and Otomo. In addition, there are dozens of different other houses, but they are so small that they simply fall under the power of your boot. The most terrible enemy for the player will be the Ashikaga House, which controls Kyoto.

All playable factions except the Hojo start with one starting province. As a rule, it is a small and almost unfortified castle. Some Houses are at war with each other from the start. Others suffer damage from peasant uprisings.

Recommended factions for beginners are Tesokabe, Shimazu, and Hojo. For them, the start is more or less normal and without any insinuations. Tesocabe, for example, generally have an economic bonus. Hojo are known to start with two territories. So what about Shimazu? And these guys have huge loyalty among the commanders, so you can forget about the fall in loyalty. For the rest of the factions, it is recommended to play for those who have already played for the three aforementioned samurai houses.

Total War: Shogun II

It should be said right away that there will be no gunpowder from the start. What kind of guns and arquebuses are there when there are not even normal foundries? So from the very first moves it is recommended to rebuild. Look carefully at the building menu. Try to pay attention from the very beginning to buildings that will bring you at least a couple of coins. Don’t confuse Shogun II with Medieval II or Rome Total War. Here it will not work in an hour or two to enslave half of the map.

Each enemy castle is well guarded. Well, the very principle of action is a bit reminiscent of Napoleon Total War at the mediumhard level. That is, wealth here is not eternal and there is always a great chance to fall into an economic crisis. Before the dream of a shogunate can be realized, it is necessary to at least defeat the surrounding neighbors. To do this, you need to create a combat-ready army, and even manage not to get into a mess with the economy.

Total War: Shogun II

Castles can be developed, and with each upgrade you get access to more useful buildings. New buildings make it possible to hire good troops, bring even more bonuses to the economy and develop trade. Pay attention to diplomacy. Perhaps it is better to conclude a trade agreement with neighbors located on the right side. But those guys on the left and own only one castle, it is better to let them become your dinner. Don’t forget about research.

Unlike technology from Napoleon, special Arts are available here. There are two types of them – the development of Qi Energy (peace policy + economic prosperity) and the Way of Bushido (improvement of the army). Each clan can learn no more than one art at a time. Keep track of the situation in each province. Sometimes there is a warning about the beginning of hunger. Provide this area with the necessary provisions immediately. Just in case, sign a trade agreement with another clan to increase income.

Total War: Shogun II

Hiring generals is not here either. However, you will not be able to call family members to the service either. The question arises, how then to put the commanders? Give praise to Bishamon? The answer is simple. Generals appear from time to time on their own. As you progress, you will be offered the services of warriors from different houses, and you can approve their acceptance into the clan or send them away. But then they can offer their services to other masters, for example, those who have long dreamed of destroying your castles.

It is better to take under your banner all those who seek your favor. Also, pay attention to agents. Shinto (or Buddhist) monks can propagate in the lands of your enemies and spread new teachings. Ninjas can kill enemy commanders and arrange terrorist attacks. Matsuke (local GRU) carefully monitor the enemy’s progress and can arrest enemy spies.

To deal with neighboring houses, scout the situation carefully. Look carefully who is better to fight, and who is better left for a snack. It is best to deal with small houses without powerful allies. After destroying their castles, you can either seize their territories or establish vassalage, and then the once hostile clan will fight for you. In battles with enemies, focus on destroying commanders. After killing the leader, the enemy usually loses morale.

Total War: Shogun II

Arrange the most powerful cavalry raids, destroying hundreds of adversaries in one go. Storm the castles of hostile clans without any artillery. Conducting sieges here has become much easier than in previous games in the series. It is enough just to bring the troops to the walls, climb them and capture three specific buildings. There are usually few garrison soldiers here. Enemies can not be finished off. It is not necessary to do this at all.

Don’t forget about maritime trade if you’ve built ports or made it to the sea. Here you can place merchant schooners in six trade routes at once. Trade is conducted with countries that are not present in the game. But it’s better to secure your merchants and attach them to a few warships in order to avoid a pirate raid. Keep peace with the Europeans and build their factories on your lands.

STAGE 2: the way to kyoto

Total War: Shogun II

If everything was done correctly in the previous step, then proceed to the second. The main goal of any campaign is to become a shogun. To do this, you need to capture at least 15 provinces and keep Kyoto. This is very difficult to do, given the special gameplay. In this game, you cannot rush (attack everyone in a row). Absolutely impossible. Right at all. Forget about the very concept of rushing or blitzkrieg. This is only possible in older Total War games, not in Shogun II.

Here you need to gradually move through enemy territories, carefully breaking the enemy. Some houses are best destroyed completely. After all, vassal clans can rebel against you in the event of an announcement of the creation of a shogunate. It’s best to keep the 15 provinces from being captured until the Ashikaga clan is destroyed. Try to prevent the absence of garrisons in your castles. Leave at least 3-4 regiments there. Place one of the generals somewhere closer to the capital.

Total War: Shogun II

The Ashikaga clan is the main enemy for all the noble houses of Japan. He has a fine army and excellent fortifications. Ashikaga holds Kyoto and cedes the shogunal throne to no one. Therefore, for the siege of the capital of Japan, you should prepare well. It is not necessary to try to destroy enemies with a single regiment. This will require at least 4 full armies. Forget about the development of the state for a while and create these regiments. At the same time, try not to let the treasury fall to zero.

As soon as the army was made, immediately forward – to storm Kyoto. Still, most of these warriors will die. Be sure to assign enough cavalry to your forces. Ashikaga has a lot of archers, who should be dealt with quickly. Track down enemy commanders and kill them without mercy. If your first army dies, the second one will follow. Then the third and fourth. The fourth one will definitely bring you a great victory.

Total War: Shogun II

After you have destroyed the enemy regiments, immediately go to storm Kyoto. If you are full of strength, then it is better to conduct an auto-battle. She immediately credits you with the victory. But if the forces are relatively equal, it is better to spend another half an hour on a live siege.

After capturing Kyoto, you will see a message about the destruction of the Ashikaga clan. Then wait about 3 turns. During this time, you officially become Shogun. You get full control over all of Japan. Everyone around is on their knees and bangs that you, the greatest of all Daimyos, save their miserable lives. That’s just the humility of all clans with your domination is quickly replaced by hatred. Since you took and crushed Ashikaga, then why not do it to the leaders of other houses, more … worthy? Next, the stage of holding your Shogunate begins.

STEP 3: hold and conquer

Total War: Shogun II

Why did we mention the deployment of garrisons? To avoid sudden losses. After 5 or 10 turns, your shogunal rule starts to cause an uproar in everyone around you. Even your closest allies are starting to collude. Vassal houses also do not want your despotism. Your rule, in their opinion, will not bring anything good for Japan.

And this is where the mess begins. In one fine move, all clans, including vassals, declare war on you at once. This is where the most interesting thing happens. If Kyoto captured by you is not surrounded by a ring of fortifications from enemy castles, then the attack goes directly to the capital. If you managed to capture all the lands around the capital, then you still have a huge chance to prevent the enemy from entering there.

Huge armies of enemies begin to attack from all sides. It will seem to you that there is no escape from them. But this is not for long. The worst thing is only at first. You have to grit your teeth and hold on. Defend each castle only manually. Try to prevent the capture of several territories. Your garrisons can successfully resist any enemies. But it’s still getting worse, thanks to the uprisings of the peasants. Be prepared for this too.

Total War: Shogun II

The first moves 15-20 you will find a real hell. But you can get out of it, and even dry. The main thing is the right strategy. Try to hold back enemy avalanches and destroy the besiegers right on the walls. Do not go to an early counterattack. Use gunpowder research to your advantage. Cannons and shotguns can help you scare off an enemy avalanche. In addition, the bullets in Shogun II smash just on the spot.

If it so happened that the enemy made his way to Kyoto, try to prevent his capture. Use archers and shooters. The city itself is quite capable of trapping enemies. There are a lot of narrow areas. Use them wisely. Make sure that your arts (analogues of technology) advance to the highest level. This will help you gain access to elite units. For example, a good detachment of Shinobi will stand on your side, who deal with entire regiments.

Total War: Shogun II

The right strategy will help to hold back all enemy sieges and send obnoxious rebels into the jaws of Yamato. After repelling all attacks, try to recover the lost provinces and rebuild the ruined castles, if any. After rebuilding and restoration, you can fall on enemies, like acid rain.

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