Total War: Three Kingdoms – How to change the number of units?

Total War: Three Kingdoms adds a new graphic option that allows you to adjust the number of units on the battlefield. This greatly affects performance, and you will not be able to change the settings until the end of the game. In this article, we will take a closer look at this problem.

How to change the number of units?

The number of units can be adjusted from the game menu, or rather from the graphic settings option. After entering the “Advanced” tab, this option will appear at the bottom of the left column. Here you can choose from five values ​​- Small, Medium, Large, Ultra and Extreme. After the change, you need to start a campaign to see the difference.

Note – the number of units can only be changed before the start of the campaign. Once the campaign is launched, it will be impossible to change this option – it will simply be inactive. It’s worth considering whether it’s a good idea to go from the default settings to Extreme.

Performance Impact

Due to the fact that this option has a significant impact on the number of units on the battlefield, it also has a huge impact on game performance. Setting the number to “Ultra” will increase the number of troops by 25%, while setting it to “Extreme” will increase this value to 50%. An all-infantry army will have 2880 units on the standard Large setting (3360 in Chronicle mode). Switching to the “Extreme” setting raises this value to 4320 (5040 for the “Chronicles” mode).

Add to that the enemy army and additional armies involved in the battle, the computer will have to display thousands of new elements. If your computer doesn’t have enough resources to meet the requirements of the game, it may very soon turn out that Total War: Three Kingdoms will simply become unplayable – or you may simply have to reduce performance significantly.

Note – settings cannot be changed during the game, but only at the beginning of the campaign. This is worth considering if you do not have the appropriate equipment. In the later parts of the campaign, more than two armies will participate in battles, and there will also be various effects, such as shots. It may turn out that after dozens of hours spent on the campaign, further gameplay may not be possible, since the computer will not be able to cope with such requirements.

Influence on the game

In addition to a significant impact on performance, changing the number of troops also has a huge impact on the gameplay itself. This manifests itself as follows:

  • Battle time. More units means more warriors to destroy before the enemy army destroys yours.
  • tactical possibilities. An increase in the number of troops significantly affects the format of the battle itself. The army will take up more space, making it more effective in certain scenarios, such as in the hills or during a siege (defenders can more effectively block city streets).
  • The influence of generals and leaders in Chronicles mode. These units have the same statistics regardless of the number of troops, so at higher settings their influence on the battlefield will decrease, and at low settings, vice versa.
  • Effect of the effectiveness of siege weapons on the battlefield. Siege weapons usually deal damage in certain areas. This means that increasing the number of troops will reduce their effectiveness, since you need to strike at a large number of targets. In turn, reducing the number of units will increase their effectiveness.

As you can see, the “regular” graphics option can have a huge impact on the gameplay itself.


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