Total War with improved graphics and new features

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The legendary real-time strategy Rome: Total War, released back in 2004, has received a re-release. The game Total War: Rome Remastered has been released on Steam, which is sold for 1725 rubles. Owners of the original can purchase the updated version with a 50% discount.

Total War: Rome Remastered boasts better graphics, support for 4K resolution and ultra-wide monitors, improved game mechanics and many new features. The developers have updated the models of buildings and objects, as well as climatic and weather phenomena. The camera can now be rotated and zoomed out, heat maps and new layer icons have appeared, and the tactical map now shows unit status and range icons.

In honor of the release, the developers launched a series of training videos Total War: Guide To Invading Britain, in which comedian Phil Vaughn took part. The first release is available at this link, and new ones are planned to be released every Wednesday.

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