Tower Defense Castle Craft – World War Released In Asia, But Things Are Not So Rosy

Castle Craft – World War is a mobile tower defense project. Battles take place in a small arena, the gameplay is vertical. Mobs run out of the towers and attack enemy buildings. Since the project is Asian, it is made in anime style. Towers differ in levels, crystals are spent on their construction. The battles are protracted, there is little action on the screen. Heroes have special abilities.

PvP and co-op are available from the modes. For daily entry, rewards are given. Before starting the adventure, you can get training. We knock character cards out of loot boxes (remember Brawl Stars). As a social feature, there are guilds that fight each other for glory. Every day, rewards for growth are given out for guild members.

Castle Craft – World War is already available on Android in some regions; this is probably a trial run in Southeast Asia. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions. There is no information about the version for iOS, as well as about the global release.

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