Tower of Fantasy Developers Reveal New Region in Patch 2.0

The next update for Tower of Fantasy will be released this fall. It will have a minimum of mountains, for which pyramids will appear floating in the air.

Tower of Fantasy is a game with great anime graphics and an emphasis on co-op. So, in patch 2.0 you will be able to explore a new location, Faith, with a new cyberpunk city and a desert where new enemies await; some of them appear only after using the artifact, well, you should expect huge bosses and sandstorms.

Other editions writethat the release of update 2.0 for Tower of Fantasy will appear at the end of October or in November. In addition to the new desert, a character, Alyss, will appear in ToF. She is an ice maiden who uses her legs as a weapon. It will appear in the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy on October 1st, but the date of its release worldwide is unknown.

Also, be aware that on September 21st, there was maintenance work for which you will receive 100 pieces of Dark Crystals. We recommend getting a fast mount and accumulating cores to get new characters.

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