Tower of Fantasy redesigned interface and added post-apocalyptic graphics filter

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After the end of the closed beta testing of Action RPG Tower of Fantasy, the developers did not sit idle. The team has completely redesigned the user interface, and now it should become not only more beautiful, but also more convenient.

Below are the images with the new interface. As you can see, many of the circular elements have been replaced with hexes. The inventory and some menu items have changed, as well as the opportunity to customize the interface on your own. In addition, especially for those who lacked the feeling of post-apocalypse, the developers added a new graphic filter (examples at the very end).

It is worth noting that the screenshots were taken from a mobile device, but the game will most likely look the same on a PC.

Old version for comparison:

A new version:

Menu (old version):

Menu (new version):

Interface customization:

Chat (old version / new version):

Inventory (old version):

Inventory (new version):

Collection (old version):

Collection (new version):

Post-apocalyptic filter:

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