Toy Crash – arcade battles of toys for smartphones, demo version available

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If you like automatic games, Toy Crash is worth checking out. There are battles between toys. The gameplay is as follows: we place toys on the field (maximum 5). At first, they are just boxes that stand still and shoot at each other. Then they have wheels and sharp objects. The levels must be completed for a while. Already on the third, the enemy will take you out in a matter of seconds.

If you like or enjoyed building a constructor, then the local theme will come in. We are gradually pumping the robots. In general, the gameplay is a bit boring: the graphics are so-so, and they take you through the level. In total, we are promised more than 100 stylish components. The coolest ones must be obtained from the local gacha machines. The developers promise a deep leveling system, as well as unique battles. Only who will like such a “miniature” world?

Toy Crash demo available on Android via TapTap… This is a shareware project with all that it implies. There is no version information for iOS.

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