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Trailer for the new heroine Lenneth from the latest Genshin Impact update

The developers of Genshin Impact decided to take a closer look at one of the new characters in update 4.0 named Linnet. In the new trailer, which is almost 6 minutes long, we were told about her history as well as her abilities. Subtitles in Russian are attached.

Linnet is a four-star Anemo character who fights with a one-handed sword. She is Lini’s younger sister and the best assistant at the same time. The girl is able to deal massive damage and distract enemies by summoning an Amazing Cat Box.

You can get Linnet for free during the Patch 4.0 event by reaching Adventure Rank 25, as well as in a temporary banner. After the release of update 4.1, it will be moved to the standard banner.

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