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Trailer for the second playtest MMORPG Gran Saga: Unlimited

Studio METAPIXEL has published a trailer for the second playtest MMORPG Gran Saga: Unlimited. The video demonstrates both colorful cutscenes from the game and real gameplay with a demonstration of the interface.

The second playtest of Gran Saga: Unlimited will take place on PC from July 6 to July 20, 2023. In order to be eligible to participate, you must submit an application for official website. However, this must be done by June 15, 2023. In total, they promise to invite 8,000 users.

Gran Saga: Unlimited is an MMORPG set in the Gran Saga universe released in 2021 in South Korea and Japan. However, unlike the previous game, the new game is created with an eye on the global PC market and will support NFT. The release date has not yet been announced.

Gran Saga: Unlimited | 2nd Playtest Trailer

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