The developers from the Shadow System studio made a trial run of the Battle of the Horizon game. This is a role-playing strategy with a PvP bias. At the beginning of the battle, we put up our squad of fantasy creatures. We are fighting in the arena while pumping the towers that bring gold. After some time, each player sends new wave minions and heroes who independently strive for another part of the map. Apparently, defensive structures cannot be placed in the middle of the map, at least at the first levels.

The graphics are made on a mobile level, don’t expect any revelations in this regard. But the same cannot be said about developers: on the page in TapTap, and they decided to protect gamers from racing their brainchild. The only thing indicated in the description: “Please do not download the game now, because we have not finished it yet.”

Battle of the Horizon is available on Android, but only in select countries. Better to set up a VPN for Southeast Asia right away. iOS version is also expected, according to the page in TapTap.

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