Trial launch of Derby Life equestrian sports simulator on Android

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Remember the Equestriad World Tour? This is a mobile horse racing simulator. So, if it was necessary to perform stunts on the site, then now get ready for horse racing in Derby Life. The graphics are not very good, especially for the grass – one texture. As for the controls, it is arcade; if you’ve played Forza Street and Project Cars GO, you’ll figure it out. The fact is that our horse runs into the blue strip and then we need to tap on the screen at the right time to accelerate.

The camera is constantly changing to give the player the impression that he is watching everything on TV. Even the first race is difficult to win if you don’t accelerate perfectly. Gold and diamonds (premium currency) are awarded for the victory. The horse needs to be fed to restore energy. They also differ in their level of rarity (gacha). To upgrade your horse, you have to pay. At the start we have two weak horses, plus we are being led by the handle for training.

Derby Life is already available on Android in select countries, probably Southeast Asia. There is no information about the version for iOS. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions.

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