Trial launch of Five Stars for Klaytn role-playing gacha on smartphones

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Five Stars for Klaytn is an anime-themed RPG. In the story, darkness fights with light. The game has a lot of exposure and dialogue in the style of visual novels. The battles are turn-based, the characters are small and cute. They fight against the undead, at first they are skeletons in knightly armor. Local waifu are almost models with interesting animations of different parts of the body and open clothes. Yes, there is nudity in the game, but the age rating is 12+.

The gameplay is divided into missions; in front of them, you need to arrange the characters in the correct order: magicians and healers in the back, tanks and dd in front. The first levels are completed in a few seconds, the enemies are not dangerous. For the lazy, you can speed up the gameplay, and soon even put it on the car.

Five Stars for Klaytn is already available on iOS and Android in Southeast Asia, namely the Philippines, Malaysia and Australia. We should expect a global release. There is only English. This is a shareware project with microtransactions up to 7 199 rubles per item

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