Trial launch of Infinite Hero with idle mechanics

Infinite Hero has appeared on the Asian Google Play. This is an RPG with idle elements and knight leveling.

Infinite Hero is a mobile RPG available on Android. In it, you need to pump a warrior and equip him. He fights himself, you just need to observe and pick up the awards on time. Most things are given for defeating bosses. In general, at the first levels, ordinary objects fall, although the character is almost immediately pumped to level 60.

Since this is an idle project, materials are also mined offline. The developers state that players can simply choose the stage where they need to farm, which will eliminate the need to constantly level up. Over time, minions will be added to the knight, which help to clear the locations. Well, there is also communication with other players.

The developers recommend not to turn off push notifications, because they launch time-limited events with a tasty reward. And yes, from the modes there is an endless tower and a daily dungeon.

Google play (Thailand)

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