Trial Launch of Infinite Lagrange by NetEase Games in Europe

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NetEase Games met the deadline and released the space strategy Infinite Lagrange in Early Access. It resembles EVE Echoes in setting. There is nothing strange about this: the Chinese company takes successful mechanics from computer and console games and adjusts them for smartphones. For example, last time we talked about Mission Zero; in fact, this is a Hitman for mobile phones. So far, the project has 3.7 stars on Google Play; this could be because early loading started on April 20th and many were wondering why the servers were closed.

Those who play celebrate the excellent graphics, music, animation, translation, optimization and local mechanics. But in essence, this is a mobile strategy, where we have to send various fleets to points on the map. It takes time as well as resources.

An early version of Infinite Lagrange is already available on iOS and Android in Europe; this includes Russia. Unsubscribe in the comments, who from other countries was able to launch. This is a shareware project with microtransactions up to 9 490 rubles per item… There are also monthly subscriptions. There is a Russian localization.

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