Trial launch of MMO Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action on smartphones

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Back in 2019, we talked about the stylish MMO Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action. Then the project was released in Japan, and now the launch took place in two more countries. It has isometric gameplay as well as hand-drawn graphics. Our hero deals with enemies on his own. For completing tasks, rewards are automatically given, that is, you do not need to constantly run up to the NPC. Gradually, we are pumping heroes, as well as dressing them in strong armor.

At the very beginning, we are greeted by training, where at least they are not strongly led by the hand. In general, you can put everything on auto-execution to enjoy the graphics or go to make tea. Weapons need to be sharpened to increase their level. Gradually, we collect new and rare heroes (gacha). The menu contains a lot of quiz and numbers about stats, levels, elements, classes, and so on. The project seems a little boring.

Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action is now available in Japan, USA and Canada. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions up to 6,000 rubles per item… Nothing is said about the global version.

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