Trial launch of Mystic Gunner roguelike, possibly an Archero clone

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Mystic Gunner is a pixelated roguelike game. We run through the dungeons of the future and destroy monsters. The gameplay is vertical, the controls are arcade: you have to run and automatically shoot using auto-aiming. The character moves slowly, the control joystick takes up half of the screen. You can dodge bullets, but this is also done slowly.

The character must be pumped and given cool equipment. After leveling up, we are given random skills. You can get stuck during training, so prepare to re-enter training. There is a cool evasion mechanic: if you beat everything in time, the character will end up in some kind of Matrix, where everything slows down (except for you). It gets more difficult when enemies shoot at the wall and ricochet occurs. Then the bullet flies at lightning speed in a random direction. And yes, the hints at Archero are clear – this is another arcade clone.

An early version of Mystic Gunner is already available on Android in some countries, probably Southeast Asia. You can download it through TapTap… There is no version information for iOS.

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