Trial launch of PC Creator 2 on smartphones

UltraAndre has launched PC Creator 2 in some countries. Ready to Build the Best Computer?

WITH equine prices for PC components to assemble cool assemblies is obtained only virtually. This will help the mobile project PC Creator 2, which is available in the US on iOS and Android. According to the plot, we accept orders for the assembly of a computer, and each has its own needs. Someone needs the amount of RAM to be more than 32 GB, and someone needs to optimize the OS.

Of course, the components in PC Creator 2 are not licensed, so you might come across names like GIGABATE, ZALMVN, and so on. PC parts vary in color and most likely in rarity level and quality. Interestingly, in addition to the assembly, you also need to install the OS, configure the drivers, and only after that give the computer away.

Even the best assemblers attend conferences where manufacturers present their new creations. And building a PC is a mini-game where you have to deal with power, processing power of the processor and optimizing the hard drive.

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