Trial launch of Racing Clash with real-time multiplayer

The racing arcade Racing Clash is available on the Asian Google Play. The developers promise synchronized online races.

Racing Clash is a mobile project released on Android. The game is currently available exclusively on the Asian Google Play, but you can also download the APK file. We are told that the races take place in real time, and they offer an extensive fleet of vehicles to choose from. The main thing is to maneuver between road traffic, use nitro and come first.

In Racing Clash, you fight against drivers from all over the world. Locations are varied: busy city roads, deserts, forests and sandy beaches. Over time, new types of races open up, where rates and rewards increase. If you consider yourself an esports player, you can earn trophies and bonuses in the weekly league.

Cars in Racing Clash are divided into several types, among which there are expensive cars and muscle cars. For permanent victories, you need to knock out rare vehicles, this is done through loot boxes. Also keep an eye on the fuel level, this is a local energy system that does not allow for quick swing.

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