Trial launch of Tank Stars 2 has taken place, is this “Worms”?

The mobile project Tank Stars 2 has appeared on Google Play in a number of countries. In it, you can sort things out in a 2D plane, which will be happy to fans of “Worms”.

Tank Stars 2 is an arcade game for smartphones. A US version is now available for Android. Also on TapTap you can pre-register for iOS. In terms of gameplay, the game resembles classic Worms, only instead of a team of brave worms, two tanks with grenades, machine guns, missiles and so on converge on the battlefield. The match lasts about a minute, for winning it, the player receives medals and stars, which can be doubled after watching ads.

Tank Stars 2 features tanker ranks and Battle Pass rewards based on the number of stars you earn. From the prizes, you will find loot boxes with tank cards for pumping and unlocking new types, plus different types of shells. The developers promise a large number of military tanks, among which there are “Vladimir”, American Abrams and Leopard with hints of futurism.

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