Trial launch of the arcade Trap Master: Merge Defense, it resembles King of Thieves

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Villains rush into your cave to steal treasures. Traps must be set against them so that they do not pass. This is a short description of the new arcade game Trap Master: Merge Defense. The game in its idea resembles King of Thieves, only we reflect the attack of the NPC. Gradually, we are pumping and choosing one of three improvements. They are tied to speeding up or increasing the chance of useful features.

The gameplay is vertical and divided into levels. They can be completed to a maximum of three stars. For the level, energy is spent, which is restored over time. Cartoon graphics, battles can be accelerated. Gamers love it – in the App Store, the project scored 4.4 stars out of 5 out of 85 reviews. At the same time, they are waiting for a greater variety of cards and defense towers.

Trap Master: Merge Defense is already available on iOS and Android in select countries. The second platform can be downloaded via TapTap… There is no Russian localization, the publisher collects a lot of information about the players. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions up to 9 390 rubles per item

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