Trial launch of the role-playing game Tales of Bugs on Android

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Bugs love to fight, too – that’s the main message of Tales of Bugs. This is an RPG where we gather a group of beetles and fight other tiny inhabitants of the forest. The battles are turn-based; we are taking part. There are several classes as if there are a magician, an archer and a warrior. They have targeted attacks, which adds strategy. Conveniently, our group walks first. The gameplay is divided into levels where you have to complete tasks. We do all this and move on to another chapter. There are both basic and additional ones. Gradually, we level up the profile and unlock new bugs.

In addition to battles, we will equip our anthill. This includes a camp, an alchemy lab, a mine, a workstation, and more. This will open up access to cool technology. The plot is positive: we save trees, purify water and restore the lawn.

Tales of Bugs is already available on Android in a limited number of countries, specifically in Malaysia. There is no global release information. If you believe TapTap, then the iOS version will be released “soon”.

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