Trial run of MMO Chronicle of Infinity

Trial run of MMO Chronicle of Infinity Trial run of MMO Chronicle of Infinity

Publisher Neocraft has opened servers for a new mobile game, but in some countries.

Chronicle of Infinity is a mobile MMO project that is available in Southeast Asia on iOS and Android. The gameplay takes place in a vertical format, plus the player is free to choose the appearance of the hero. If you have a powerful smartphone, then you can cut 60 FPS, then the local world, floating in the sky, will sparkle with colors.

To improve the character, you need to go through story missions. They are represented by small and corridor arenas, during which we reflect the waves of demons. Everything looks good – the interface is not crowded with icons, the special effects are on top, and the combat is completely in the hands of the player. The developers promise completely unique dungeons, as well as the impact of your actions on the local world.

As in Diablo, the character collects all the loot himself, we only need to jump between platforms and destroy enemies. At the start, NPCs willingly share gold and experience, which cannot be said about rare armor. I wonder at what point the player will encounter a donation wall and is there one at all? Try it and tell us in the comments.

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