Trials of Mana will be released on iOS and Android in mid-July, prices bite

Beyond NieR Re[in]carnation Square Enix is ​​about to release another game for smartphones, this time a port – Trials of Mana. It is an RPG that has sold over 1 million copies on consoles. The project is suitable for both beginners and fans of the Mana series. The plot is as follows: in the past, the world was covered with darkness, but one goddess imprisoned monsters in the Mana Stones. Having returned the world to its previous state, she was tired and turned into a tree; evil forces took advantage of this and freed the monsters.

There are three of six main characters to choose from. Their stories and fates depend on which heroes you choose. The graphics are done in full and true 3D, although the characters are original. You can switch between the classes of light and darkness, which will affect not only the available abilities, but also the type of heroes. There are four difficulty levels, at the simplest one you can start from the same place, regardless of the number of deaths. Voice acting in English and Japanese. The controls are optimized for touch screens.

Trials of Mana will be released on iOS and Android on July 15th (according to the App Store). This will be a premium project, the price of the issue is 2 190 rubles… Russian localization is not promised. Data collection is not carried out. Allocate approximately 3.4 GB of free space.

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