Turbo Overkill is a cyberpunk game with furious action, parkour and a chainsaw in your foot

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Studio Trigger Happy Interactive decided to do what Bethesda cannot do – to release a cool arena shooter with constant meat, enemies and a billion abilities of the character. He flies, shoots a shotgun, smashes enemies into the meat and jumps on them, revealing a chainsaw hidden in his leg. In terms of inspiration, this is the cyberpunk of a healthy person and the gold standard of Quake. The whole thing is accompanied by heavy music, as if it was written by Mick Gordon.

Our hero can parkour like the Prince of Persia and hold a machine gun in one hand. We are promised three different episodes, as well as a hard dismemberment. Sometimes there are bosses. The levels contain collectibles and secret levels. The developers point to the Doom, Duke Nukem and Quake series. This is a love letter to all fans.

Turbo Overkill Coming To PC; no release date. There will be no Russian localization, now the game can be added to the wishlist. According to system requirements, 8 GB of RAM is still known for minimum salaries.


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