Ubisoft Will Shut Down Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Servers 14 Months After Release

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This has already happened more than once: the mobile game is closed due to little interest from the community. A similar thing happened with the AR game Minecraft Earth and the MMORPG Bless Mobile (at least in Asia). Now it’s time for Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad from Ubisoft: the hero strategy servers will close on October 4th this year. What happened, after all, it’s one thing augmented reality games that require social interaction on the streets during COVID-19, and another thing is a mobile F2P project with heroes from famous Ubisoft franchises.

A spokesman for the French company said they would no longer release content for the game. The Elite Squad developers point to the big update with the second season as an achievement, and Ubisoft thanks the community for the constant feedback.

The lack of proper budget and advertising campaigns may have affected the early closure of Elite Squad servers, but it is still not a good wake-up call for Ubisoft. If you remember, the company decided to gradually move to AAA level live services. We already know that the French are preparing Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy’s XDefiant from a similar blueprint. By the way, the second game repeats the groundwork for Elite Squad: heroes from various Tom Clancy’s franchises will fight in small arenas.

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