Ultimate Casino Lingo Guide

20964006 Ultimate Casino Lingo Guide

When you enter a casino, you might feel overwhelmed with all the unfamiliar terms and slang used by the dealers and other players.

You will find these terms being used at some of the most luxurious casinos of Las Vegas, but also in the best online casinos. After all, the games are relatively the same, whether you play them in real life or on the Internet. So, let’s dive right in and help you understand the gambling world a bit more!

“Action” is a dealer’s signal that it’s a player’s turn to act, and “Ante” is a mandatory initial bet in poker.

Another important term is “All in,” which signifies a player’s complete commitment to the game, while “Add-on” refers to extra chips that can be purchased during a tournament.

A “bet” refers to a wager made on any game. Of course, there are certain “betting limits” you have to abide by, as these are the minimum and maximum bets that are permitted in any game.

The next word you’ll love. “Bonus” is a reward or incentive that players can claim that comes with certain conditions. Cashback refers to money a player can earn, which is usually based on their losses but can be based on winnings or even wagers.

You may have heard you should always play games with a low “House Edge.” This is the mathematical edge that casinos have over players, and the smaller, the better.

If you’re playing any card game, you should know what a “Hand” is: the cards held by a player.

Moreover, the casino sets the player’s chance of winning, known as the “Odds”; if the player wins, the amount they receive is determined by these odds.

“Jackpot” refers to a significant sum of money that a player can win, usually the most significant amount that can be won in a single game. On the other hand, “high roller” refers to someone who gambles with high bets or consistently wagers large amounts.

A “payline” is a line of symbols on a slot machine that forms a winning combination when matching symbols fall on it. Though it sounds similar, a “pay table” is entirely different. It’s a table that provides information about how a game operates and how much a player can win.

“Payout Percentage,” also known as “Return to Player (RTP),” refers to the percentage of all bets placed on a game that will be paid back to the players as winnings over time.

A “progressive jackpot” is a type of jackpot game in which the prize amount increases as more players place bets on the game. After the prize is claimed, the progressive jackpot will reset and grow again.

A “wagering requirement” is a condition that casinos impose on their bonuses, requiring players to play through a specific amount before their bonus can be withdrawn as cash.

Finally, “Tapping Out” refers to a situation in which gamblers have exhausted all their funds and cannot continue playing.

With this, we’re tapping out from our guide! We hope you enjoy playing at online casinos or their land-based counterparts!

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