Ultreïa download torrent For PC

Ultreia download torrent For PC Ultreïa download torrent For PC

Ultreïa download torrent

Size: 1.8 GB | Seeds: 518 Lychees: 40

Ultreïa download torrent of the game, released on June 1, 2021. This is an exciting arcade game with an interesting storytelling style and gloomy locations. You play as a small robot who finds himself in a post-apocalyptic fictional world and tries to escape there. Help him in this difficult task, simultaneously passing exciting missions and auxiliary quests. Embark on a journey through a fictional world and try to survive.

Game process

In Ultreïa, you control a small robot that has accidentally entered a post-apocalyptic world. He traveled and by chance ended up in such a fictional space. Now he needs to survive without being hurt, because there are other units here that are not very friendly. A little robot named Nimo will try to escape with all his might, and you must help him in this. Go through exciting puzzles and additional quests, gaining experience points and improving the protagonist. Improve his skills, modify the robot and complete the game in one go. Moreover, you can literally go through it in one evening. There are many missions, but they all take a couple of hours to complete. The main goal of the game looks interesting – to destroy the antagonist who once killed the father of the robot. Nimo will have to do everything to find him. The post-apocalyptic world is under the complete influence and possession of the main boss. Hundreds of minions are ready to die for him, so it will be very difficult for you to defeat them. But this is almost the only way to defeat the antagonist. You must help the robot find the meaning of life and find the boss. Destroy it and avenge the father who loved you with all his heart. The graphics in the game are quite beautiful, gloomy, detailed, paying attention to details. Meet the mystical post-apocalyptic world in which only robots live. And almost all of them are unfriendly towards you. So you will often have to fight and survive. The camera view is two-dimensional, but this does not prevent the game from being one of the best among the recently released.

Features of Ultreya

  • post-apocalyptic world;
  • interesting story;
  • journey through fictional lands;
  • robot control;
  • battles against other robotic mechanisms;
  • a lot of dialogues and cut-scenes;
  • cool mini-games with puzzles and puzzles.

We recommend downloading the Ultreïa torrent to all fans of the post-apocalypse.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8250U at 1.6 GHz (or equivalent)
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Video card: Intel HD Graphics 620 (or equivalent)
  • Free hard disk space: 4.3 GB


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