Uncharted Island: Survival RPG – a new survival game for Android

Adventure Uncharted Island: Survival RPG is available on Google Play in select countries. You will not only mine ore and wood, but also fight goblins.

Uncharted Island is a mobile game that is currently only available on Android; There is no version information for iOS. In terms of gameplay, you are thrown onto a small island with early 2000s-level graphics. The good news is that with a simple pickaxe you can do everything – extract ore, wood, and even destroy the local fauna: turtles, goblins and pitch-black hares.

In terms of survival, Uncharted Island is no different from projects from the Kefir studio – we are pumping up different character indicators, monitoring the level of hunger and thirst, and gradually creating more and more elaborate items. The developers claim that craftyou can melee or ranged weapons, magic runes, armor and so on. Pumped players will even be able to build a base to protect against monsters. So far, Uncharted Island is an early version in Canada and probably a number of other countries, so the “rectangular” interface may become much more malleable in the future.

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