Uncharted Waters Origin’s next test will take place on mobile and PC

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Line Games has unveiled the results of the first Uncharted Waters Origin open-world MMORPG closed beta test on mobile, and announced its plans at the same time.

It became known that 8,808 users took part in the first testing, who experienced the gameplay for various heroes and countries, visited many places and left high-quality reviews about the new product. Least of all, players liked the interface, swimming speed and complexity of the new item, so they will be adjusted properly at the next CBT.

The second test will take place in the summer, also in Korea, and this time, in addition to smartphones with ios and android, it will also take place on a PC (via Steam). They promise immediately cross-platform support.

Uncharted Waters Origin is an Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG for PC and mobile from the developers at Koei Tecmo Games and Motif and publisher Line Games. The project is made in a cartoon style with an anime style and is filled to the brim with marine content. Origin initially plans to release in Korea followed by Japan. So far, nothing is known about the release on the international market.

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