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UNDECEMBER Beginner Tips: Gems of Courage, Portals, Items

Hello AppTime readers! I continue to travel the world of UNDECEMBER during OBT on PC. This allows you to collect all the information you need for the official launch on October 12th. By the way, we have already written a guide to runes from this game. Now let’s look at the main points that will make your life easier.

First advice – Fully explore locations. I understand that you want to run through tasks as quickly as possible in order to move on to the next locations, but I assure you that for a full study of the map you will receive not only experience for leveling up, but also gems of courage. They are used to purchase items in the in-game store starting from the second act.

Portals for moving in UNDECEMBER

Yes, it sounds trite, but as you explore locations (see the first point), you open portals that allow you to quickly move between levels and regions. So, in the hub city, also known as Outpost Melo in the first act, there are 3 conditional portals:

  • Base Portal – leads to the beginning of the location;
  • Personal Portal – Crafted with Scroll of Return. If you use it a second time, then it will take you to where you originally came from and close;
  • Waypoint is a network of portals between levels and regions, which is very convenient to use, so as not to waste your time and not use personal scrolls.

Limited number of slots

If you do not spend money on UNDECEMBER, you will soon encounter one problem – a lack of slots in your inventory. Of course, you can throw away “extra” items, but in this way you may miss the ingredients or resources at the right time. Actually there is a good way which was recommended by the author of this YouTube channel. He said that you just need to create 2 more characters, which will increase your slots by 200 units. And in order to move items from one hero to another, you need to use a common chest.

But even if you decide to increase the number of slots for money, then there are pitfalls here – for 100 diamonds you get 5 additional slots. We don’t know the exact exchange rate yet because the store is closed during OBT. But the problem is different – on one character you can do this a maximum of 30 times, that is even “whales” will not be able to increase the number of slots in the inventory above 250.

Guarantor for a 6-sided rune in UNDECEMBER

This is already suitable for more advanced UNDECEMBER players who can enchant runes, increasing and thereby changing the number and color of the faces on them. This is done at the mystic (in the first city it is Polina) in each hub city. After 1499 futile attempts to collect a 6-sided rune, you will be issued a guarantor, that is, you can be guaranteed to get the top rune. And another thing is that even if before that you are lucky and you get a similar rune, then it’s okay – the counter will not go astray. But it is worth using this guarantor and then the next threshold for its activation will increase to 3,000.

Should I bother with leveling in UNDECEMBER?

One more tip – do not spend a lot of time on spot pumping character in UNDECEMBER until Act 3. If you knocked out the blue gear, then put it on and continue to explore locations and complete tasks. But this does not mean that you need to “score” on strengthening the hero – we recommend paying attention to weapons in order to increase your damage. You don’t need to craft anything either, instead you pick up a blue item and, if it is lower in terms of what you already have, then you dismantle this item from a blacksmith. This will help you save up for the Essence of Enhancement, which will come in handy in large quantities in the later stages of the game.

Well, in the 3rd or 4th act of UNDECEMBER, you can start collecting resistance against different elements. On the world map, you are shown the level of monsters and the assembly with which “resist” to take with you. This will help keep the resurrection scrolls.

Also, leave the game in the background to receive daily rewards during the Shared Game Time event. It is not necessary to be active.

Those are all the basic UNDECEMBER tips I wanted to share. If you have additional ideas, please share them in the comments. See you soon!

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