Undergrave – turn-based dungeon crawler for Android

Wired Dreams has launched Undergrave on Google Play. It is also available as a demo on Steam.

Undergrave is a mobile project that combines several genres. For example, we are moving through the floors of the dungeon, at the end of which the boss awaits. Reaching it is not so easy – there are monsters at each location, they must be destroyed in order to open a passage to another floor. In order not to die, the player will have to properly distribute stamina, because it is spent on an attack, and after receiving damage, health is not restored.

It turns out that we have a dungeon crawler with elements from roguelikes, and even with turn-based battles – we make a step, all the monsters make a step. The gameplay, interface and other elements are pretty minimalistic. There are also no ads or donations in Undergrave, probably due to the fact that it’s just a 41 MB prologue. However, not everyone will be able to pass it. Well, if you have a PC, you can try the demo with full controller support.

Google PlaySteam

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