Unmaze – visual novel for smartphones using a light sensor

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ARTE Experience has announced a release date for a visual novel called Unmaze. We talked about it in detail here. Here the emphasis is on the play of darkness and light; we play as Theseus and Asterion, who must get out of the labyrinth of the Minotaur. An important component is the lighting in your room. You see, the game uses the light sensor in your smartphone to change characters. That is, if we want to talk to Theseus, then we need to direct the sensor to the light and vice versa, if we need to chat with Asterion. And although ARTE promises that photos and videos will not be recorded, you cannot play Unmaze without permission to use the camera.

In fact, this is a modern adaptation of the myth of the ancient Greek Minotaur. We are promised that the actions taken will affect the development of the plot. He, by the way, has eight endings. The Unmaze universe consists of five chapters and ten labyrinths.

Unmaze will launch on June 21st for iOS and Android, according to the App Store. It will be a shareware project where players will be allowed to try the first chapter for free. There is Russian localization.

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