Unusual puzzle Moncage has a release date

Published by XD Network Inc. announced that Moncage will be released next month on PCs and smartphones. It has nice graphics and interesting gameplay inside the cube.

Moncage is a puzzle game that will be available on November 16th on mobile and PC. The game takes place inside a mystical cube in which different worlds coexist: an old factory, a lighthouse, an amusement park, a church, and so on. At first glance, it may seem that they are in no way connected, but it is we who should see something in common in these places.

In fact, we need to find such a position of the cube, in which objects from different worlds will merge together. If you do this, then the plot will advance. All this is done to find the photographs hidden behind the riddles. If you are afraid of such games, then you should not: the developers have added highlighting of the necessary items, text with tips and even whole video walkthroughs inside Moncage. In total, 15 achievements will be added to the game, each of which has a medal with a unique design. As for the price, Moncage smartphones will cost about 350 rubles.

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