Update on hunting and weapon wear in the upcoming Deadside patch

The authors of the survival simulator Deadside continue to talk about the upcoming update 0.4.0 and today touched on the topic of hunting and weapon wear in more detail. Ducks will be added to the game, which the survivor can hunt with any weapon. Of course, the game will not immediately turn into ready-made food, so the mechanics of butchering and cooking meat using a fire have been added.

According to the developers, they do not plan to make excessive wear on weapons, so as not to reduce the dynamics of the gameplay as a whole. A moderate damage to the weapon will lead to jamming, so it is better to carry out preventive maintenance of your equipment before a sortie. For repairs, special repair kits will be added. You can also completely dismantle weapons for parts if you do not want to leave valuable loot to the enemy.

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