V Rising: Vampire Open World Survival From the Creators of Battlerite

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Humans and vampires fight each other again. According to the plot of these creatures, the nights won and they hid in the dark for centuries. But now they are back in business and ready to hunt miserable people. This is exactly what happens in V Rising, an open-world MMO game. Here is an isometric gameplay for bloodthirsty guys. The player’s task is to become the next Dracula if possible. Together with your friends, you will hunt holy soldiers and declare conflicts to other clans. The developers promise an open world with a gothic theme.

Traveling will take hunters to forests and dungeons. During the day, you need to hide in the shadows, otherwise you can get serious wounds from “sunburn”. Since the vampire must constantly hunt and replenish blood supplies, players will have to calculate day and night sorties. For more importance, you can build a castle and overtake the servants there. The WASD keys are used for control.

V Rising will be released on PC. The game can now be added to the wishlist. There will be no Russian localization.


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