Valkyrie is the next legend in Apex Legends

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EA and Respawn Entertainment have unveiled a new Legend that will soon expand the hero lineup in Apex Legends.

She became Valkyrie – the daughter of the famous Titan pilot named “Gyurza”. So far, nothing is known about the Valkyrie’s abilities, but presumably she will be able to summon a small exosuit on the battlefield. It is also noted that the character’s story is closely related to the universe of the Titanfall game.

In addition, a fresh game season called Legacy was introduced. It starts on May 4, 2021 and will introduce changes to the main map with a fresh weapon – the Bocek bow. A new Battle Pass will also appear, and the Ranked Season will begin.

More details are promised to be presented later. Below you can see a short film from the series “Stories from the Outer Lands”, which introduces the Valkyrie:

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