Valorant guide – tips for beginners

Valorant is a new tactical shooter from Riot Games, where participants, divided into teams, compete in cunning and accuracy in spacious, ornate arenas.

Understanding the mechanics of the game will allow you to become an effective fighter at the start. Even if you don’t have the mongoose reaction and the eagle’s eye is not included, you can still add value with the extra knowledge.

The bomb is the main argument

At the beginning of each session, one of the teams randomly becomes the owner of a spike – an explosive device with a timer, which must be stuck in one of the designated areas.

There are several places for sabotage, located in the central regions and marked with letters on the map. The Demoman has some freedom to choose where exactly to place the spike within a small radius, and this is an important point:

Be sure to consider the location of the bomb in relation to the location of the allies and the possible location of the enemies. Think about where you will hide while the timer is ticking, whether you will be able to ensure the safety of the spike. Choose a convenient angle for observing the situation.

Don’t forget that the planted bomb is a trigger for the enemy team. They receive a notification that an explosion is about to happen. By the characteristic sound, it will not take long to calculate the area where the spike is laid, and a very limited time will force the enemies to act aggressively and decisively.

Not by force, so by cunning

Each team has two conditions for winning the round: the saboteurs will win if they manage to detonate the bomb or all opponents fall, the defenders will also win if the opponents die, and also if the enemies do not meet the allotted time.

Gameplay features in Valorant often play into the hands of the latter. The fact is that most of the guns in the game shoot more accurately from a static position, which sometimes puts the ambush fighters in a more advantageous position, especially when their opponent is driven by a timer.

Sometimes, in order to seize the initiative, it is enough to revise your tactics. If in head-on collisions your team loses in speed of reaction, try to catch the enemy by surprise from an unexpected position, especially if you have nowhere to rush.

The approach also works in reverse. If you can’t manage to get past the snipers and machine gunners who blocked the entrances with a spike, try to spread out along other routes – this will force the enemies to relocate and in the future will remove them from their homes.

Don’t be greedy and don’t be shy

Especially relevant advice if you play in a randomly selected group of allies. The store provides the opportunity to request financial assistance for the purchase of the necessary ammunition, as well as in one click to purchase for a friend what he requests.

Do not neglect this opportunity, extra modesty on the battlefield will not save anyone. Even if you are not confident in your abilities, this is not a reason to go to the enemy without body armor and with basic weapons in your hands. Make requests, the best fighters in the team usually have extra funds, and they are more than anyone else interested in effective cover.

And vice versa: if you have money left, do not forget to help your comrades, for whom the previous fight ended in failure. The worse your ally is armed, the less useful he will be in battle.

The minimap is your best friend

The message system in Valorant is smart, it is very convenient and easy to learn, especially if you pay due attention to it. The mini-map in the corner of the screen will not only allow you to effectively navigate the terrain, but also keep track of almost everything that happens in battle.

For example, it indicates the location of all the fighters on your team, as well as the direction of their views. In other words, you see not only where your party member is moving, but also the blind spots that are outside his field of vision.

But most importantly, noticed enemies are registered here. When visual contact with them is lost, for a very short time, his last location will be marked on the map. Do not neglect it, keep an eye on it, it is the most important tactical resource.

In addition, each killed player is marked with a colored cross until the end of the round. All blocking abilities are also registered on the map, and it does not matter if the enemy or an ally used them.

The manual system of signals has not been canceled either: the extended one works according to the principles of classic analogues popular in old online shooters, the fast one is a wheel with a set of key commands, and the smart one reacts situationally, depending on the location of the cursor. Communicate, it’s important.

Use your abilities wisely

At the beginning of each match, players choose their fighters, representing one of the three available classes. Do not forget that this is not a conditional division, each type has its own role in combat, and this is important to understand.

Most of the abilities of the characters in Valorant are not combat, but rather tactical. Understanding them, as well as the ability to use the right skill at the right time, can play a key role for your team.

Don’t throw out the barrage bombs in vain. Save them for corridors that are being aggressively fired upon by the enemy. Use to rescue overwhelmed allies or to cover Demomen laying a spike. Do not neglect the means of tracking, knowledge is the key to victory in a tactical shooter.

Even offensive abilities are best used in situations where they prove effective. A grenade thrown for good luck is not about Valorant.

And remember that the game may sound familiar to you, but that’s no reason to skip a little tutorial where you can customize the sensitivity of the weapon and get your hands on the shooting range.

Later, we will analyze in detail the weapons in Valorant, and also study each fighter and his features, so I did not focus on them in the introduction.

Write in the comments your observations and tips that will help beginners quickly get used to the game.

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