Valve has published a list of the “Best of 2022 on Steam”

Valve’s ‘Best of 2022’ list provides a retrospective look at the top sellers, most played games, top releases and other games from the year.

In total, several categories were presented:

  • Leaders of sells – They show games ranked by revenue: Platinum: 1st-12th, Gold: 13th-24th, Silver: 25th-50th, and Bronze: 51st-100th.
  • New – Games released in 2022 that had the highest revenue in the first two weeks of release.
  • Most Popular – This section lists games that had more than 40,000 simultaneous users in 2022.
  • Early access alumni – Shown are projects measured by 2022 gross revenue during and after exiting early access.
  • Steam Deck – Most played Steam Deck games by number of active players during 2022. Games with “Fully Compatible” and “Playable” categories were taken into account.
  • Best VR games – This list contains the top games by revenue in 2022. Only those games that were developed exclusively for virtual reality helmets are presented.

To compare this year with past years, see Best of Steam 2017, Best of Steam 2018, Best of Steam 2019, Best of Steam 2020, Best of Steam 2021.

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