Valve won’t let Half-Life fans get bored, did Gabe Newell learn to count to 3?

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Valve has recently become more active: the guys are doing the anime DOTA: Dragon’s Blood with Netflix, card Artifact has practically sunk into oblivion, and a year ago Half-Life: Alyx was released on older platforms. This is a purely VR experience, which is why the game won one category at The Game Awards 2020. Now Valve’s project manager has revealed why they released Half-Life: Alyx. First, the Alyx finale left more questions than answers. This will give fans food for thought.

This step was made on purpose, because Valve did not want to keep players in the “story limbo” anymore. Alyx is a prequel to the original events of Half-Life, so many fans have not received a sequel to the second part, which ended at “the most interesting place.” By the way, Half-Life 2 can be played on Android if the enthusiasts haven’t abandoned the project.

Edition TheGamer will continue to communicate with the project manager from Valve, so we can learn something new about the company’s plans for the future. In the meantime, the fact remains: Gabe Newell has not learned to count to three.

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