Vampyr: How to beat the game without killing anyone | Guide to the achievement “Not a Drop”

vamp terq1 Vampyr: How to beat the game without killing anyone | Guide to the achievement "Not a Drop"

This is the hardest challenge in Vampyr. Yes, you can actually go through the whole game without sucking the blood out of the characters. Next, we will give you some valuable tips on how to accomplish this tricky task.

Do you feel like you can’t beat Vampyr without biting a single living soul? This is absolutely real and not even unbearably difficult, provided that you follow our advice. In any case, you can increase your level. You will be about 5-10 levels below your enemies throughout the game. It sounds painful, but if you take into account all our tips and accumulated many hours of harsh experience of the game, you will understand that passing Vampyr without having to bite the characters will not be as insurmountably difficult as it seems at first.

But it won’t be very easy either. You can’t lose the XP you’ve earned, and you’ll still earn a lot of XP for completing main missions and other tasks, including fighting regular opponents, but that’s usually not a very lucrative pursuit. You can also reset all your experience points after sleeping and redistribute them to other vampire abilities. If you are fighting a boss or are unable to complete a particular section, then you will need to remove experience points from those skills that you no longer need.

Next, we will tell you how to use our tips to beat Vampyr without biting anyone. This is a slightly longer process of passing the game, but this is the only way if you are a peaceful vampire. For avoiding human casualties, you will unlock the “Not Even Once” achievement.

Vampyr is a rather long game. If you listen to all the dialogues, then the passage will take you 20 hours or more. We recommend that you save your “Not a Drop” achievement for a second time. In this case, you can skip all cutscenes and dialogues to focus on the main task.

#1: Open the Blood Barrier and always use the self-healing skill

From the very beginning of the game, you automatically get the healing skill. It uses a small amount of blood to heal your character. Healing must always be selected among equipped skills. Use it often enough to keep your health at 100%. Don’t go for upgrades that increase blood value – you want to keep healing as cheap as possible.

You will also need to open the Blood Barrier. This is one of the most useful defensive abilities in the game. It activates instantly and costs no blood, but it has a fairly long cooldown. Use Blood Shield more often in fights against multiple opponents at once. Enemies that attack your shield will be stunned and knocked back. The better you improve this skill, the more hits it can absorb.

#2: Carry plenty of healing and blood potions

Potions are also very important for completing the game on such a high difficulty. Carry at least three potions of healing and blood at all times. Stamina is also important, but blood/healing can keep you alive. If you are fighting a boss that lasts for a long time, drink blood potions to heal due to its healing power. In case of emergency, healing potions will save your life. Especially with very nasty fire or poison damage. These two types of damage are very dangerous at low levels, so heal immediately as soon as you take one of them.

#3: Use bite more often in combat – Take a powerful stun second weapon

Bite during combat is very important for successful survival. Take a good second weapon and always keep it in the best possible condition. You will find that even when fighting high-level opponents, you can stun them and take them down in one or two hits.

Attack them several times until they are stunned. Then hit them with another stun attack to knock them down. Then bite. During the bite, you are invulnerable, in addition, you will replenish your stamina. Biting in combat doesn’t count and doesn’t affect the “Not a Drop” achievement in any way.

#4: Best Combat Ability – Claws

Unlock and always keep the Claws ability among your equipped skills. Upgrade it as often as you can. This is the best basic attack you can unlock. It is very powerful, does not require blood consumption and can hit several opponents at once. Moreover, it can be used immediately. Without having to wait. You’ll need to deal damage to enemies quickly, and you don’t need stamina to use this ability. So if you suddenly run out of stamina, just keep attacking with claw strikes.

#5: Use your shotgun for massive ranged damage

The double-barreled shotgun deals insane damage. Even in the very early stages of the game. Increase the amount of ammo you carry and always carry at least one shotgun in your inventory. It should be maxed out to allow you to knock tons of health out of bosses. Save your ammo for last, then fill the bosses with lead and end the fight easily. You can always buy more ammo later from merchants.

#6: Upgrade Your Gear Early

Try to always keep your weapon in the most improved condition. This is very important for success in Vampyr. Check local merchants daily to see if they have the parts you need to upgrade weapons. Most of all, you will need three types of spare parts: handles (handles), small handles (tiny handles) and triggers (triggers). Good quality grips/small grips/triggers will start to appear on sale from Chapter 4 when you gain access to the West End area.

#7: Talk to everyone, complete all investigations

In order to regularly replenish your piggy bank of experience points, you will need to complete investigations. Talk to everyone you can, and return to the areas you’ve already visited before. After you reach Pembroke, head back to the Docks to find a lot of new investigations there. When you get to a new area, always be prepared to spot a large number of NPCs with a few investigations of your own. You will also rescue characters in the dungeons. After that, be sure to visit the area where they live and talk to them. They probably have extra work for you that you can complete for a certain amount of precious experience.

#8: Heal everyone for extra experience points

If you want to play without sucking the blood out of your victims, you’ll need all the experience you can get. You will receive a small amount of experience (about 50) for treating sick NPCs. Do this daily. Heal everyone you can find. Run around the city and check the residents’ menus to see who’s sick. By the end of the game, you will be earning a nice 500+ experience points for one lap around the city. And with the newly appeared enemies, you will receive another small bonus to XP.

#9: Use the Void and attack your enemies while they are stunned

This is one of the most effective combat tactics known in the game at the moment. Use the Abyss to stun enemies and bosses and then attack them while they are standing still. You won’t do full damage to them, but you’ll still do some pretty serious damage. Keep attacking them with your claws until you use up all your stamina, and then retreat. You can continue to attack even if the enemy is knocked to the ground.

#10: Unlock Shadow Veil

Shadow Veil allows the invisible to sneak past unsuspecting enemies. Some types of opponents will still be able to detect you, but you can run past them at full speed. Farming enemies for XP does not make sense, you will not get a significant amount of experience from them, unless, of course, they are unique opponents. The Shadow Veil is very helpful when you need to finish an investigation in an area that is too difficult to complete.


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