Vanilla MMORPG Aion Released In The West – Aion Classic Released

The Western version of Aion Classic is finally available, as announced by NCSOFT on the official website. The game is available for free with the option of purchasing a subscription for faster development, but the servers are still located in North America. It remains to be seen when the European worlds will become available.

Together with the release, an event called “Global First” was launched. In it, users must compete with each other in order to reach certain milestones first. For example, you can become the first player at level 50 or the first team to kill Brigade General Bakarma, and so on. The reward will be a title and an increase in some characteristics forever.

As a reminder, Aion Classic is the classic version of the MMORPG Aion. Players start with patch 1.0, and then the developers will gradually release updates 1.5 and 1.7. The speed of their receipt will depend on how quickly users move through the content.

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